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 Posted: Fri Jan 9th, 2009 05:28 am
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Chris Coooooey vs jdw--jdw is given the tag as the grandfather of internet rasslin analysis, which is incredibly douchey. This is detailed at OLC also, but he spawned several lapdogs that found there way around the internet and made wrestling analysis seem even gayer than it actually is when you first think of it. I don't dislike jdw, having said all of that. He's morphed into a regular joe now. His time as a relevant douche is past.

Chris Cooey gets my vote. you sort of had to experience him when he was at his peak to get a sense of what an immense douche he was, but read the Chernau list that was posted in the rubber room thread about him. Some really incredible stuff there. he's a HOF douche right behind Nulty and Crimmy.

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