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 Posted: Wed Mar 2nd, 2022 02:15 am
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NXT closes out the 3/1 episode with NXT North American champ Carmelo Hayes successfully defending against Pete Dunne.    I didn't actively watch the show tonight but I did see a number of finishes that don't even seem like a decided push for some of the talent, but more along the lines of putting someone over just to go against what the fanbase might enjoy seeing.   Maybe I'm off-base in that assessment,  but the bell barely sounded and the cameras couldn't help but film the in-ring posturing by Hayes without catching dozens of empty chairs as the crowd made a bee-line for the exits.  They wound up in the aisle filming Hayes' promo for a ladder match on 4/2 staying with an extended length with a solo shot that seemed to be an audible from the production truck.   

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