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 Posted: Thu Mar 10th, 2022 12:19 am
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I wouldn't say my opinion of him changed, but I've certainly become ever more comfortable with the idea that his time has come and gone. His successes as President were modest from a policy perspective, mostly in the area of energy independence. He was also very successful in moving the discussion of certain topics out of the shadows -- somewhat. Immigration is of course the biggest one. Another, although he never talked about it in such terms, is the decimation of large swaths of this country by ripping the industrial base out of it. It would have been better if he'd asked us to discuss whether a life of purpose and labor is more important than one of cheap consumer goods. But at least, for all his NYC glitz, one got the sense that he shared an actual affinity for the people in flyover country, in stark contrast to nearly every other Washington pol.

But he was never going to be much more than a wrecker, and even there he seemed just a bit too reluctant to lose the good graces of the other Cloud People. Some of that was surely a result of Ivana and her (((husband))) having his ear.

So I think my opinion of his Presidential performance hasn't changed much in the past year. I'm dead set against him running again in 2024, although I think if he meets with any resistance in the primary season, he'll fold his tent. The only thing that's really turned me off in the last year is his insistence that the vaccines are something to brag about. He's really not reading the room well on that score.