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 Posted: Thu Mar 10th, 2022 01:08 pm
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srossi wrote: indikator wrote: I think the only people who changed their opinion were people directly involved in the Capitol Riots. Maybe some of their relatives as well, but certainly not all.
Recent polls amongst Republicans show his numbers plummeting in almost every category.  He's rapidly losing women, the college-educated, the uneducated, the poor, evangelicals.  The shine seems to have come off the turd.  The Trump 2024 flags almost seem to be more trollish and anti-Biden than pro-Trump at this point, and it doesn't seem like he has a serious chance if he runs again. In fact, when I was driving around Florida a couple of weeks ago, I saw almost exclusively "Let's Go Brandon" stuff and almost no Trump stuff.  You can say that's pro-Trump, but it's really just trying to be the cool kid trolling Biden.  People are getting over it and looking for the next guy.

I should have mentioned this too.  His seeming unwillingness to go to bat for the political prisoners being held in the aftermath of 1/6 is not helping him with many former supporters.