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 Posted: Sun Mar 13th, 2022 09:49 pm
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As of now, Tony Khan has not assumed control of any part of ROH and will not until April 1. Some have accused him of hotshotting the announcement prematurely and causing confusion in the transition. Although it seems almost impossible for the deal to fall through, there are many details to be ironed out still.

ROH has told office staff that they are hoping to save as many jobs as possible, but to look for other work as Khan's interest in retaining them seems limited. The two sides will also have a conversation this week on how the back-end of Honor Club works and Khan will need to make a decision on whether to keep that. There are tons of other details to be discussed that have barely been broached yet.

Khan has had zero involvement with anything regarding the re-boot show at Supercard of Honor, which has had all matches announced under Sinclair ownership.  All we know is that Khan seems to want to leave the show status quo, and he will allow Shane Strickland to still compete even though he's since signed an AEW contract. This is does not mean that Strickland will wind up in ROH instead of AEW though, so it could be the first and last appearance in ROH for him and several others until Khan determines a booking direction.  The show will take place the same day Khan assumes control on April 1, so it will be a chaotic day backstage for sure.

There are still zero talents under ROH contract since everyone was released ahead of the hiatus last year.  Everyone who appears at Supercard of Honor will be paid only for the appearance and nothing is promised long-term, including Strickland, who will be paid his previously agreed-upon rate and will not wrestle under his AEW contract.

Internal sources indicate that Khan is still down on the Briscoes for Jay's homophobic tweets of a few years ago, so that could be a big problem for them as far as a future in either AEW or ROH.  Khan had many opportunities to bring them into AEW before he bought ROH, and he declined.  The Briscoes have reason to worry now about their home company no longer being an option either.  After ROH announced the hiatus, they brought in GCW's openly gay star Effy to run a brief "respect" angle with Jay.  The Briscoes wrestled Effy and AJ Gray with Jay and Effy paired almost the entire match.  It was an "only in wrestling" kind of moment where Jay beating the hell out of a gay guy was meant to prove that he WASN'T homophobic.  At the end of the match, they shook hands and hugged.  Jay put over Effy as being a tough son of a bitch and Effy publicly stated that he liked Jay and felt he has grown and just made a mistake.  The booking was clearly intended to put the homophobic tweets behind them and get the Briscoes an AEW (or WWE) deal, but it didn't work.  Khan will now have a chance to get the Tag belts off of them at Supercard of Honor if he wants to.  

Khan will also need to decide on an Undisputed ROH World champion as Jonathan Gresham will face Bandido in a lineal vs. interim tit;e vs. title match due to Bandido not being able to defend the title at Final Battle due to Covid.  ROH certainly seemed likely to go with Gresham, who has defended the title proudly in Impact and elsewhere since ROH went on hiatus, and Bandido is based in Mexico which can make bookings more difficult.  But no one knows what Khan is thinking.  Gresham could still wind up with his wife in Impact, meaning they’d have to have him lose. Bandido has a past with AEW dating to All In, the show that is part of the ROH tape library that Khan just bought but really started AEW.

Then there's the AEW Women's title, currently held by Impact wrestler Deonna Purazzo.  There is no chance to sign her to a deal and AEW and Impact are no longer working closely together, so you'd think Khan would need to get the belt off of her too at Supercard of Honor.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.