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 Posted: Mon Mar 28th, 2022 03:48 am
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Just an update on my projects here; starting around April 2021 I had a chunk of activity scouring research archives and places like Worthpoint, and channeling much of it into "Random Results 12" as a catch-all for cards that didn't immediately fit territorial threads or individual career records.   After a year or so uploading, I'm wrapping up what I have found short of 25-30 placeholder dates for shows, which is mere news articles mentioning a card or a box advertisement that offers only generic details.   

Some these cards might very well belong for territory threads, but I'm at the point of wanting them to go up with the lineups unavailable until I might find fleshed out lineups or results.   Many of these cards are Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska towns where the All-Star Wrestling name doesn't distinguish if it's a Geigel/Gust Karras card or Verne AWA show.

Anyway, my work with these search sites will continue, but since I made about 5000 posts this year, my recall as to whether I looked something over already might be clouded.   It would be interesting to know if certain areas and time frames resonate with those who check RR12 regularly.  That thread is over 140,000 views and over half of that is probably my own clicking.