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 Posted: Mon Mar 28th, 2022 05:48 pm
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I'm reading volume 5 of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter books. In "Dexter Is Delicious", our fearless serial killer is on the trail of a cult of cannibals.

There are quite a few diffrences in the tv show & the books. The first season of Dexter followed the books but from season 2 onwards, the show took a left turn & has never come back.

In book # 1, Dexter doesn't kill Brian, but lets him escape. Also, La Guerta is killed off in the first book.
Other differences, Dexter doesn't love Rita in the books, but
in the show falls in love with Rita. Rita meanwhile gives birth to a daughter. In the tv show, Rita gives birth to a son, which was important to the plot in season 4.
Also, besides needing a beard, Dexter sees signs that Cody & Astor show great pottential in becoming serial killers & Dexter wants to be there to mentor them. So he marries Rita.

I'm almost finished with "DID". Both Dexter & Deb are being held captive as they await their fate. I have a feeling that brother Brian will show up to rescue Dexter, or possibly to kill him, as he may be the leader of the cult. Brian has a habit of showing up, much to Dexter's chagrin.