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 Posted: Tue Mar 29th, 2022 02:18 pm
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: A match for the interim womens title between Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Martinez has been added to Supercard of Honor. I'd fully expect Martinez to win that then turn up later in the evening to answer the Perruzzo challenge and win the ROH Women's Title.

There is so much wrestling going on this weekend. Without even watching any of the WWE stuff, there's more that I want to watch than I have time for. Almost every show has a good line-up. Some guys are going to have 4 star matches that hardly anyone sees and no one remembers because it will get lost in amongst Al the high profile stuff.

I'm gonna try and watch Supercard of Honor, Rampage, Impact Multiverse show and the HOF. After that, I'll likely watch Mania on FF and maybe some of the NXT show. But there's some good stuff billed on the GCW shows as well as matches here and there on other shows that I would watch any other week.

Why do they need an interim champion when Purrazzo is the champion?

She booked at the  Impact Multiverse show wont be on the ROH show

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