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 Posted: Thu Mar 31st, 2022 05:54 pm
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cheapseats wrote: srossi wrote: cheapseats wrote: Why in the hell would you have Lethal and Yuta lose two days before this card on prime time TV? Yuta especially since he will be in a title match. Not mention Strickland losing last week.

While they are separate promotions , they are owned by the same guy. Khan can't make a habit of doing stupid booking like this much longer. Right now, AEW TV is ROH TV.

ROH looks like it will be used as a training ground.  The company has barely even been mentioned again on AEW TV.  FTR casually mentioned that they will win the ROH titles this week, but never mentioned the Briscoes, the date, the time, how to watch, anything.  I think Yuta is being booked well as someone who is now in a hot angle and earning respect in losses to top talent, which sets him up for a run with the ROH Pure title, which will be positioned as a very low-level belt.  The Pure title fits in well with the Blackpool Combat Club faction and I expect him to win it.  And Lethal is just an elder statesman, someone who was jobbing left and right in ROH at the end even before going to AEW.  He's done everything in the company and is just there to put people over and give them the rub at this point.  You don't need to build him up for an ROH match anymore. 
I can buy the logic yet IMO the match with Danielson should have  happened last week. He looks good in a loss and learns a few things to get a really good win last night against a mid carder then challenge for the title on Friday.  Right now, Yuta looks cold going in to his title match.
When was the last time Yuta even won in a singles match on Rampage or Dark?

The only explicit mention was Ecalibur plugging the PPV on Dark on Tuesday night. The demographic for ROH is pretty much only smart fans looking for good in-ring work. Having someone that everyone knows is a good wrestler lose on AEW TV makes no difference to anything on an ROH show.

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