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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2022 03:22 pm
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KGB wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: I fixed a patient's partial small bowel obstruction by shoving an NG tube down his throat and pulling out 5.2 litres of bile in a span of @ 45 minutes...a record according to the attending surgeon who said he'd never seen more than 3 litres pulled out in a single instance.

That seems impossible!  Holy shit, that alone must have accounted for about 10 lbs.  Wow.  

I've saved a shit ton of money using Youtube, especially after buying rental units.  Repairs on an electric range, dryers, two hot air furnaces, installed a dishwasher where there was only a cabinet, etc.  In one house I gutted the bathroom down to the studs and converted the tub to a walk-in shower (figuring out how to assemble the new glass door was the worst part).  

We pulled in total between the last 3 hrs of my shift and the following night shift 7.1 litres in total .Surgeon told me that it's a good thing I got the NG down when I did or he would have most likely perforated, or thown up so much bile that he would have aspirated it into his lungs. The guy showed up on my unit looking like he was legit pregnant.