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 Posted: Wed Apr 13th, 2022 10:02 pm
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I sent Vance Nevada a message on this already but I am glad to see a Red Bastien record book now posted, and I added it to my single page view thread in case it grows even larger with additions.  I know there are some listings in RR12 but I won't filter through that until later.   Red and Carol, his longtime SO (don't think they got married), were among the first people I met after my first CAC when he was President, and loved all his stories over the next ten years, until the onset of his dementia quickly robbing him of what had been a pretty sharp memory.   

Regarding Southern wrestling in the 50s, I have been finding papers that have ads or columns promoting various shows but there is something in crunching the data I find difficult.  The way a lot of their articles are laid out and their ad composition is laid out in such a way that I feel bogged down in trying to transcribe much of it.  I would be interested in DaClyde's perspective on how he finds that researching climate, as he specialized with an entire book related to Alabama.