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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2022 02:38 pm
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srossi wrote: KGB wrote: Not coincidentally, Obama gave a speech last week in which he urged big tech to censor even more viewpoints.  He said he's pretty close to being a First Amendment absolutist, but...

He compared it to the FDA's ability to inspect meat packing plants.  You know, because reading someone's opinion that men can't get pregnant or that mRNA vaccines have demonstrable drawbacks is clearly as dangerous to one's health as contracting salmonella. 

Fuck the FDA too.

Ha.  I deal with the FDA and I can't really argue.  The Food Safety Modernization Act of a few years ago was a completely unnecessary bit of legislation that, naturally, expanded the FDA's size and gave them far too much authority over private business.  I'm not against setting basic standards for the production and labeling of items that are ingested into one's body, but, as always, the people in charge are never satisfied with the reasonable.  An FDA inspector can now walk into your plant unannounced and determine that you're making products under conditions that are "potentially" deleterious and have you shut down.  No evidence is required that you've harmed a single person, just that the inspector that day didn't like the looks of your operating conditions.