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 Posted: Tue Apr 26th, 2022 11:47 pm
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WongLee wrote: This seems strange. Musk paid a premium price for this. It came to 1/5 his total wealth. Twitter is not a moneymaker in and of itself. What's his end game because on the surface it seems like at best a very mediocre business deal.

I dunno. Paying 44 billion so you can add and edit button seems like sound business to me.:tongue:

Ultimately I think it gives him a forum to say whatever he wants without fear of reprisal or his tweets being removed.

All I've ever needed to know about Twitter is the first four letters spell TWIT.  I have no use for it and only read a tweet if it's posted here or somewhere else I frequent.  This is just his latest plaything and if he wants to spend his money on it, then fill your boots. 

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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