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 Posted: Fri Apr 29th, 2022 12:28 am
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srossi wrote: Spatulapup wrote: People are noticing they are losing a ton of followers all of a sudden. Thousands in some cases.
This sounds suspiciously like a Trump quote: “Lots of people are saying…”  Seems like complete unsubstantiated nonsense, and I doubt Musk personally even has operational control yet. But on the off-chance this is even remotely accurate, Musk did say that one of his goals was to get rid of the bots, so that would probably account for the loss of followers, although again it’s doubtful that anything is really happening yet. But if tens of thousands of people were getting banned from Twitter in the past 2 days, I bet you’d know some of their names and be hearing a lot about it. Use some common sense. 

It's not Musk it is being proposed that Twitter is reversing the algorithmic suppression. In the words of some "burning evidence before the take over" 



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