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 Posted: Tue May 10th, 2022 05:32 pm
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Kriss wrote: At the complete other end of the spectrum, I got an acoustic for my 43rd birthday and am a complete beginner. Just reading guides and watching videos and trying to teach myself. I'm not taking it all seriously, so I'm ignoring any suggestions to take professional lessons. I suck, obviously, but slightly less that I did when I started 8 months ago. But I'm not being modest, I really do suck. It's fun, though, and mostly just an(other) excuse to listen to rock and metal music. Although sometimes I listen to the outro of Freebird and wonder why anyone would ever try to play guitar, because no one will ever get that good.

I played some piano as a teenager, enough that I can read music and understand time signatures and all that stuff. That knowledge definitely hasn't hurt my guitar efforts.

Rossi, with your adventures in landlording and crypto and now a musical prodigy, you should be shopping this around as a reality show.
Dude go and check out It's totally free and is catered to guys like yourself with little or no playing experience. The guy is great and as I mentioned, the lessons are FREE.

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