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 Posted: Sat May 14th, 2022 03:37 pm
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One Fan Gang wrote:

Kriss, you had a project started for Iron Mike DiBiase which I have found some additions for, but are there some years around 1961 till his death that you didn't get around to uploading?   Currently I am tooling around the Nebraska-Colorado-Wyoming areas and it seems like he might turn up again... 

A lot of what I do now I enter straight into wrestlingdata, which is why I don't post as much here anymore. I don't think I have anything typed up that I haven't posted here. You might find DiBiase as Miguel Lopez in any CO or WY cards promoted by Mike London. As for NE, I've seen a lot of the newspapers for smaller papers popping up online, and pretty much all of the summer fair cards I've found are new to me, so that is probably an untapped source.

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