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 Posted: Tue May 24th, 2022 05:09 pm
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Jim_Irish wrote: I've heard a few women I work with also very concerned about this AND still shitting themselves about Covid. I have Covid again and told me boss who is now terrified of getting it before she gets her 4th (?) shot.

Some people are not ever gonna go back to where they were before Covid.

They would probably go back to where they were if people like you did not want to turn every thread into Covid-related thread.  Its about Monkeypox dammit!  Monkeypox, I say! Not covid.  
“The grass is green.”

“Well, yeah, I saw a bunch of people standing by a grass lot waiting to get a covid test.  Have I told you all lately that some people are still in quarantine afraid of Covid and they had their two regular shots and 10 boosters.  And by the way, speaking of green…my friend got his 12th Covid booster and the syringe was green.  Can you believe that?  Just thought I would throw that in here.”