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 Posted: Fri Jun 3rd, 2022 08:14 pm
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srossi wrote: beejmi wrote: It could be as simple as the players don't like him. As we all know in sports, the coach can be a master tactician, but if the players hate the coach, it wont go well.
Kapler seemed divisive, but personality-wise Girardi never seemed to have an issue with players, although things could've changed.  Managing personalities these days must be harder than ever as these players get younger and are more eager to be offended by something.

No. Nothing out there in terms of him not getting along with anyone.

There is something wrong though in terms of chemistry and consistency. There's never a 'we have to win now' mentality. Team appears to be 'capable' at times (goes into LA and takes 3 of 4 from the Dodgers) but then lose 7 of next 10. As a fan you feel they could be better but there's no urgency. Too many 'should have won them' games will haunt them at the end of the season when the standings are tallied.