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 Posted: Wed Jun 15th, 2022 01:35 pm
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So I watched this mini-video about Massaro put out by a mid-sized wrestling content provider.  I'll admit that sometimes I do lean towards blaming the victim but these allegations seem somewhat improbable though certainly not impossible.
Ashley said that she was thrown in the ring with virtually no training. She said that she would be more of a spokesperson than an in-ring performer for the ladies end of the "E". She was put in the ring immediately and according to her suffered injury after injury. She asked to go down to OVW to learn and Stephanie said no because she didn't want her off TV as winning the Diva Search. She wanted to train on her two days off a week but Stephanie again shot it down. She said that Vince told someone to saw a cast off her arm three weeks before it was supposed to come off. Even Moolah had a better human resource department.

The sexual assault in Kuwait seems a bit odd also. She said she was raped by an Army doctor while a nurse kept guard. She said she was injected with a drug which totally paralyzed her but she was still able to feel pain. I guess similar to the movie Law Abiding Citizen. Ashley said she told the execs at the "E" about it including Vince and they told her to keep it quiet because they didn't want their deal with the Army to get fucked up. After Ashley's "suicide", Vince puts out a statement in no uncertain terms that he had never heard of the assault until after she was dead. Hmmm. 

Now I'm getting into tinfoil hat territory but her death seems very odd. By all accounts she was in great spirits, was working for a Long Island radio station as an on-air personality, had autograph shows lined up that she was looking forward to. Then bang, she hangs herself. Her true cause of death was never released. The Suffolk County PD is one of the most corrupt in the country. It just seems weird. On the other hand, who would of had her killed though? She was on the concussion lawsuit but Vince didn't kill any of the other 648 wrestlers on there. Seems like strange stuff to me.

Here's the video I mentioned.

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