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 Posted: Thu Jun 16th, 2022 07:02 pm
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gwlee7 wrote: BitterOldMan wrote: gwlee7 wrote: Someone in the medical/scientific community probably is in fact asking those questions as well they should. While I did take one shot (J&J), I have been more hesitant about all these other boosters. I know it seems difficult for some people to understand but it is possible that the concerns over the initial COVID wave were legit because an assload of people were in fact getting really sick and dying AND since pharmaceutical corporations never miss out on a chance to fleece the masses, it was overblown.Overblown in what manner? Inflated infection rates and/or mortality rates? We're talking public records and medical info to boot. If that's your arguement then you're advancing a concept that to me gets close to tinfoil hat conspiracy theory material.
The continual and and seemingly never ending need for boosters.  
Being wary after being told one vaccine would do the trick seems prudent to me. 

The mortality numbers are certainly inflated too, and have been constantly rolled back (quietly) in the past 2 years after initial reports intentionally led to alarm when gunshot victims and Stage 4 cancer patients with Covid were being treated as Covid deaths. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.