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 Posted: Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 10:40 pm
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beejmi wrote: I read if a name of interest pops up (Graham, Rhodes, Bruno, WWWF, etc)

I have no clue who Guss Sonnenberg is so there could be a 20+ page thread with 50,000 views where ya'll sharing tranny porn that I'm not aware of

Big thanks from me to the contributors here.

How does this compare to kayfabe memories results ? This is better, its interchangeable, this place sucks?

And are there other wrestling forums that offer such? I ask because I honestly don't know.
I'm dead serious when I say this. I think this forum on your board is the one of the two best places on the internet for results. The other is The only small complaints about here would probably be the same on any message board.  The cut/paste is kinda fucked up and when you post you have to go into "Preview" to format it correctly. I wouldn't be surprised if there was no fix for that. Also the search engine is too broad even though the "Search This Forum Only" is a huge help. Again, no fault to anyone on this. The message boards that are left on the web probably all have out of date software.

"Did Scott Hall fuck Mike Johnson's wife?"

Kriss in the Scott Hall will be dead soon thread