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 Posted: Mon Jun 27th, 2022 05:14 pm
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DaClyde wrote: I pass through here a couple times a week to see if anything new has been posted that crosses whatever I'm researching at the time. I enjoy being able to contribute the odd result here and there when I'm digging through the 1930s and a new paper with weekly shows hits one of the newspaper archive sites. I'm repeatedly surprised when I find some major city like Detroit hadn't been thoroughly researched (or at least not in the digital age) and can add a few matches to the Bull Curry thread or something like that.
A lot of times I use the posts here to see where gaps exist at WD, and then go research those matches to get them added.  I do the same with various Facebook groups.

I have gotten to the point that I'm just posting material as it comes to me and hoping the WD or Cagematch researchers pluck it out for their use, mostly from my Random Results threads.   I see Detroit news ads and articles show up through the Chronicling America site but choose not to delve deeply into what might be there.   A few people I know out there are essentially specializing in their home territories and Detroit-area material is represented well in that respect. 

My once-photographic memory now develops blurry pictures, so occasionally you will see a repeat post.