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 Posted: Sun Jan 18th, 2009 02:53 am
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srossi wrote: khawk wrote: srossi wrote:   His recent WC meltdown shows that he's not going anywhere and will be an Internet douche for years to come on any boards that will accept his kind in the future.

There isn't a ton of places left for him to confortably post, IMO. Unless someone tracks him like Ports does Willy, he's likely to fade away very soon.

As far as Nutly winning "another one"...he's never won this one, which is what we're voting on, right?

I thought Nulty won a couple of these tournaments previously, on OLC and OSW or wherever else these used to be hosted.

He won one of the Douchebag tourneys at OLC, but tradition dictated that the winner was retired from that tournament in future years.

Don't think OSW ever had one...actually OLC is the only place I remember participating in one before now.