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 Posted: Sun Jan 18th, 2009 09:32 am
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clawmaster wrote: If I was a dick, I could stretch this tourney out doing one regional final a day. But I'm not like that. It's time to find out which person is the biggest douche.

Tuesday Jan 20
Elite Eight Regional Finals
Richard Sullivan vs Dr Jeff Cuntingham
RF vs Mar Cash
Grey Ghost vs GShea
Mark Nulty vs Willy Numbers

Wed Jan 21
Final Four
Sullivan/Cuntingham winner vs RF/Mar Cash winner
Ghost/Shea winner vs Nulty/Willy winner

Thursday Jan 22
3rd place battle

From your lists, I'd have to say these folks are class A fuckwipes:


RF/Willy/Horseface/Dr J


There should be a special "hall of fame" for these imbeciles, due to their extreme shitbaggery EVERYWHERE they post. Unfortunately, in some small way or another, i've dealt with every one, and they're in a class all to themselves.


I also must give an honorable mention to:


Iwarrior, as his sheer stupidity, and use of extremely nonsensical rantings over the years, causes him to be mentioned here. I'm glad i haven't had the unique pleasure of dealing with him, but i do find his postings to be downright hysterical.

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