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 Posted: Fri Sep 23rd, 2022 10:13 pm
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srossi wrote: khawk wrote: They dropped some maple leaf garden shows and a Hamilton show from 1988 a few days ago, most of which had never been seen in full show form (some partials put together by Richard Land did exist).

So there’s that.

It’s not under New Releases. I don’t know where to find the classic drops anymore, and no one seems to ever tell subscribers what’s been dropped. The last time I can remember official announcements of drops was during the “Hidden Gems” days. They just don’t care anymore. 
I read about it on another site (Pro Wrestling only I think) and actually found four of the cards on YouTube already, which I quickly grabbed. TigerUppercut81 I think is the uploader, he has tons of the old house shows. 

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