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 Posted: Tue Oct 11th, 2022 04:51 pm
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bpickering wrote: srossi wrote: I forgot this was on. It premiered last week and that episode will be replayed tonight before the new one. I set my DVR.
Here the first show

It's a decent show, but I was hoping for more. As soon as I heard "people believed back then" and "it's more of a performance today" my eyes rolled and I knew were in for the same tall tales and old carneys still working the marks. I know Jon Boucher was doing research for the show, and it was cool to see newspaper clippings to back up some of the stories, but they got away will all the old bullshit that can't be proven. I think it's pretty much accepted that the Mario Galento losing his eye story isn't true, but here it was again. I was hoping for something more, but I guess that this is as good as you are ever going to get from old-time 'rasslers. It's still entertaining, because these guys are great at telling stories. But it's mostly just stories. I guess "Tales From the Territories" is an accurate descroption.

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