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 Posted: Wed Oct 12th, 2022 05:12 pm
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For those that haven't heard it, here's a radio call in show with Mario Galento not long after this happened.  No mention of having his eye pulled out.  From what I understand, the idea that Jerry Jarrett could have done that to Mario GAlento is ridiculous.  The radio show is interesting,  Galento exposes wrestling and talks about how he can't wrestle in Tennessee anymore.  Mentions the in ring attack

Mario Galento interview from 1974 "exposing The Business" - YouTube

Side note.  Does anybody know who is selling these 60s, 70s photos on ebay?  A bunch not really seen widely before (not to me anyway).  Pictures of a young Big Bad John, Count Drummer, some 70s mid card guys I'm not familiar with.
It sort of reinforces the Tales from the Territories show that things were not seen as a joke back then.  People really believed they were seeing a contest when Mr. Kleen got in the ring.