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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2022 04:33 am
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One Fan Gang wrote:

I don't know if anyone here can take advantage of it in their given location, but I found a way to access newspapers that are behind a subscription wall by utilizing a login to a statewide consortia with my library card number and entering which location it is issued.   There are some points where I am logged out after inactivity and I have to sign in again, but it's a small annoyance to be able to look through new material.  It's a lot of transcription and toggling between screens but I have found wrestling references in everything from high school and university newspapers, to databases with video segments covering wrestling from many angles.  
For fellow Wisconsin residents who want to try it, this link can get you started:

I would presume that other states have a similar opportunity.   They occasionally pop up a screen wanting you to utilize the trial feature, but I bypass it because I don't choose to make a clipped article.    Being able to search at home instead of going to the library itself is a great benefit.

It seems that now, despite being able to search through my library link, the site itself has put some of the basic tools like rotating the screen within the walls of their specific logins, meaning you need to subscribe specifically through them to access these tools.  One some search sites you can use your computer to rotate the entire screen, but I cannot make it work on this site.