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 Posted: Sun Feb 15th, 2009 02:41 pm
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silentkiller wrote: Ultimark wrote: silentkiller wrote: Kid_Naitch wrote: Griffey. Bonds' best years were after 2000.

Regardless of that Bonds was still the best player of the 90's overall. Bonds was better than Griffey overall for the entire decade and on a year by year basis.

I disagree totally.  Go take a look at the stats on baseball reference.  It is not even really that close.  Griffey by a mile in the 90's.

You're right it's not even close. Bonds blows him away. Honestly Griffey was extremely overrated in the 90's. There were seasons in the 90's it's been argued that Craig Biggio was a better player than Griffey and there is a strong case for that argument.

Let's go to the stats for the 90's:


HR's - 382

RBI's - 1091

Hits - 1622


HR's - 361

RBI's - 1076

Hits - 1478

Both missed approx the same amount of time to injuries in that decade with Griffey missing slightly more games than Bonds so that is a wash.  If you want to include the first half of the new decade, then yes, Bonds roided ass wins by a mile.  However, this is the 90's and the numbers are not on your side.  I am not even sure how you can make that argument based on the numbers.