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 Posted: Tue Jan 8th, 2008 10:11 am
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Some of you might not remember him as I don't recall seeing him in a ring after somewhere around 1978-1979. He probably wrestled elsewhere I just lost track of him.

Two of the rarest pieces of video I have seen revolve around Arion. One is a tag team match from Japan where Arion (as a good guy!) tag teams with Mil Mascaras. Another is a MSG pull-apart brawl with Bruno Sammartino that just isn't widely out there.

I really liked him. I saw him as a definite threat to Bob Backlund but not so much to Bruno. Don't really remember the big turn on Chief Jay Strongbow.

As a fan, you never saw this guy lose. I remember going to a match at the Spectrum and even when he wrestled Dusty Rhodes (coming in a for a "guest" appearance) the match was a draw. Everybody lost to Dusty. Not Arion though.

Loved the team with Fred Blassie (Fred being his manager) Possibly wasn't very good as a "good guy" (I dunno) He had alot of credibility but I am not sure he would make anyone's Hall of Fame. His career actually goes back to the 1960s - not many people think of him as a "Golden Era" star but he certainly was.

Anyway, your opinion on Spiros Arion.