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I've always been fascinated by Rogers' career. One of the best performers ever and certainly years ahead of his time. One of the biggest draws in the business. I do have the original Rogers Record Book but heard there was a new one being collaborated. Anyway, I just wanted to post Rogers' matches as NWA Champion and WWWF Champion. Enjoy!

07/03 Atlantic City Samuel Rivera W
07/04 Davenport Reggie Lisowski W
07/05 Norfolk Abe Jacobs W
07/07 Pittsburgh Antonino Rocca W
07/08 Bridgeport Tony Cosenza W
07/14 Detroit Red Bastien W
07/15 Atlantic City Sweet Daddy Siki W
07/17 Charlotte P.Y. Chung W
07/18 Ansonia Johnny Valentine W
07/19 Commack Johnny Valentine D
07/21 Houston Dory Dixon W
07/24 Ft. Worth Rito Romero W
07/25 Dallas Nick Bockwinkel W
07/26 San Antonio Ricky Cortez W
07/28 New York City Johnny Valentine W
07/29 Chicago Art Thomas W
07/31 Trenton Sweet Daddy Siki W
08/01 Queens (LIC) Doug Kinslow W
08/03 Davenport Reggie Lisowski W
08/04 Pittsburgh Reggie Lisowski W (DQ)
08/08 Queens (LIC) Dick Steinborn W
08/11 St. Louis Ron Etchison W
08/14 Memphis Joe Scarpa W
08/18 Cincinnati The Sheik W
08/19 Milwaukee Bob Ellis W
08/21 Freeport Johnny Valentine W
08/22 Queens (LIC) Lou Klein W
08/23 Marlboro, MD Johnny Valentine
08/28 Brooklyn Sweet Daddy Siki W
08/30 Detroit Ray Stern
09/01 Chicago Pat O'Connor W
09/04 Lodi, NJ Vittorio Apollo D (NC)
09/05 Queens (LIC) Bruno Sammartino W
09/06 Poughkeepsie Great Scott W
09/07 Toronto Frank Townsend W
09/08 Pittsburgh Reggie Lisowski W
09/16 Cincinnati Johnny Barend D (NC)
09/19 Bridgeport Arnold Skaaland W
09/20 Montreal Buddy Rosen W
09/22 Bel Air Billy Darnell
09/23 Philadelphia Antonino Rocca W (DQ)
09/30 Evansville Dennis Hall W (aft)
09/30 Cincinnati Johnny Barend W (eve)
09/ Boston Haystack Calhoun
10/02 Brooklyn Bruno Sammartino L (DQ)
10/03 Dayton The Sheik W
10/06 St. Louis Bob Ellis W
10/07 Columbus Johnny Barend W
10/08 Indianapolis Danno O'Shocker W
10/09 Brooklyn Arnold Skaaland W
10/10 Queens (LIC) Carlo Milano W
10/11 Commack Sweet Daddy Siki W
10/12 Indianapolis Wladek Kowalski W
10/17 Pittsburgh Johnny Valentine W (DQ)
10/21 Newark Art Thomas W
10/23 Charlotte Rip Hawk W
10/24 Dallas Dory Dixon W
10/25 San Antonio Stu Gibson W
10/26 Corpus Christi Mike DiBiase W
10/27 Houston Dory Dixon W
10/30 Ft. Worth Mike DiBiase W
10/31 Dallas Duke Keomuka W
11/03 White Plains Bruno Sammartino W
11/04 Paterson Johnny Valentine W
11/06 Pittsburgh Reggie Lisowski D
11/07 Dayton Buddy Austin W
11/10 Chicago Bruno Sammartino W
11/13 New York City Antonino Rocca W (DQ)
11/16 Toronto Billy Watson W (DQ)
11/20 Memphis Doug Gilbert W
11/21 Dayton Johnny Barend W
11/24 St. Louis Johnny Valentine W (DQ)
11/27 Washington, DC Bearcat Wright D (suffered a broken arm)
12/29 Moline Reggie Lisowski W


01/05 Washington, DC Art Thomas W
01/12 Hempstead Bruno Sammartino W
01/13 Detroit Antonino Rocca W
01/15 Washington, DC Art Thomas W
01/19 Philadelphia Antonino Rocca W (DQ)
01/20 Troy, NY Gene Dubuque W
01/23 Providence Billy Darnell W
01/26 Chicago Johnny Valentine W
02/01 Kansas City Gino Marella W
02/02 St. Louis John Paul Henning D (NC)
02/03 Detroit Larry Chene D
02/05 Pittsburgh Johnny Valentine W
02/08 Toronto Bulldog Brower W
02/10 Queens (LIC) Bruno Sammartino W (aft)
02/12 Charlotte Johnny Valentine W
02/13 Dallas Joe Christie W
02/14 San Antonio Rito Romero W
02/15 Toronto Bulldog Brower W (DQ)
02/16 Houston Dory Dixon W
02/17 Philadelphia Bearcat Wright W
02/19 Washington, DC Johnny Valentine W
02/20 Dayton Moose Cholak W
02/23 Chicago Billy Darnell W
02/24 Detroit Larry Chene W
02/27 Providence Carlo Milano W
03/01 Toronto Bulldog Brower W (DQ)
03/02 Columbus, OH Moose Cholak W
03/03 Cincinnati Antonino Rocca
03/05 Pittsburgh Reggie Lisowski W
03/09 Chicago Shohei Baba W
03/12 Washington, DC Shohei Baba W
03/16 St. Louis John Paul Henning W
03/17 Queens (LIC) Mark Lewin W (aft)
03/17 Philadelphia Miguel Perez W (eve)
03/19 New York City Bob Ellis W
03/20 Providence Antonino Rocca W
03/24 Columbus, OH Moose Cholak W
03/26 Charlotte Johnny Valentine
03/27 Raleigh Johnny Weaver W
03/29 Washington, DC Mark Lewin W
03/30 Chicago Art Thomas W
04/02 Pittsburgh Bruno Sammartino W
04/04 Montreal Ed Carpentier W (DQ)
04/06 St. Louis Johnny Valentine W
04/07 White Plains Johnny Valentine W
04/09 Johnstown Johnny Valentine W
04/13 Chicago Antonino Rocca W (DQ)
04/14 Paterson Mark Lewin W
04/ Chicago Giant Baba W
04/18 Montreal Antonino Rocca W
04/24 Queens (LIC) Bud Cody W
04/27 New Haven Mark Lewin W
05/01 Dallas Duke Keomuka W
05/02 San Antonio Rito Romero W
05/03 Corpus Christi Torbellino Blanco W
05/04 Houston Ciclon Negro
05/07 Pittsburgh Art Thomas W
05/08 Queens (LIC) Tony Altamore W
05/09 Commack Johnny Valentine W
05/11 Houston Pepper Gomez W
05/14 Trenton Art Thomas W
05/15 Providence Antonino Rocca
05/17 Montreal Ed Carpentier W
05/18 Chicago Antonino Rocca W
05/19 Queens (LIC) Pampero Firpo W (aft)
05/19 Philadelphia Ed Carpentier W (eve)
05/23 Kingston Pampero Firpo W
05/25 New York City Bob Ellis D
05/26 Bridgeport Vittorio Apollo
Paul Jones W
06/01 New Haven Mark Lewin W
06/05 Dallas John Paul Henning W
06/07 Corpus Christi Stu Gibson W
06/08 Houston Pepper Gomez W
06/09 St. Louis Bill Dromo W
06/10 Akron Bobo Brazil D
06/12 Toronto Bruno Sammartino
06/14 Washington, DC Johnny Valentine D
06/15 St. Louis Johnny Valentine W
06/16 Philadelphia Shohei Baba W
06/18 Seattle Luther Lindsey W
06/19 Portland Billy White Wolf W
06/21 Washington, DC Fred Atkins W
06/22 New York City Bob Ellis W
06/23 Columbus, OH Shohei Baba W
06/25 Quebec City Chuck Bruce W
06/27 Poughkeepsie Shohei Baba W
06/29 Montreal Johnny Rougeau W
06/30 Dayton Bobo Brazil W
07/02 Pittsburgh Reggie Lisowski W
07/04 Atlantic City Johnny Valentine W
07/06 Houston Art Thomas W (DQ)
07/07 Columbus Shohei Baba W
07/09 Freeport Moose Cholak W
07/10 Bridgeport Vic Christy W
07/11 Staten Island Red Bastien W
07/12 Toronto Bruno Sammartino W
07/14 Akron Moose Cholak W
07/16 Washington, DC Bobo Brazil D
07/17 Tampa Don Curtis
07/18 Orlando Mike Paidousis W
07/19 Jacksonville Boris Malenko W
07/20 Miami Beach Len Montana W
07/21 Milwaukee Bobo Brazil W (DQ)
07/24 Providence Bobo Brazil W
07/25 Columbus Shohei Baba W
07/27 Chicago Ed Carpentier W
Summer Charlotte Haystack Calhoun W (DQ)
Summer St. Louis Joe Tangaro W
07/30 Seattle Shag Thomas L (DQ)
07/31 Vancouver Gene Kiniski W (DQ)
08/01 Winnipeg Billy Watson W
08/02 Toronto Bruno Sammartino L
* Sammartino refuses the belt because Rogers is injured.
08/06 Dubuque Antonino Rocca W
08/07 Des Moines Bobo Brazil W
08/09 Montreal Ed Carpentier D (DDQ)
08/10 Pittsburgh Bobo Brazil W
08/11 Atlantic City Antonino Rocca W
08/13 Ft. Worth Cyclops (Bill Savage) W
08/14 Dallas John Paul Henning W
08/15 Lake Charles
08/17 Houston Art Thomas W
08/18 Newark Bobo Brazil L
08/19 Steubenville Bruno Sammartino W
08/25 Akron Art Thomas W
08/28 Dubuque Bobo Brazil L (DQ)
08/30 Toronto Bruno Sammartino W
08/31 Columbus, OH Johnny Barend
* Rogers was "injured" in a dressing room confrontation
   with Karl Gotch & Bill Miller prior to this bout;
   Rogers subsequently canceled a number of bookings
   during the month of September.
09/14 Philadelphia Ed Carpentier
09/25 Bridgeport Pete Sanchez W
09/27 Toronto Tim Geohagen W
10/02 Bridgeport Greg Jarque W
10/04 Toronto Bulldog Brower W
10/09 Bridgeport Tony Martinelli W
10/13 Philadelphia Hans Schmidt
10/15 Pittsburgh Ed Carpentier W
10/19 Chicago Ed Carpentier W
10/20 Akron The Mongol W
10/22 Baltimore Antonino Rocca W
10/23 Bridgeport Eugenio Marin W
10/24 New York City Wladek Kowalski W (DQ) (eve)
10/25 Bridgeport Gene Kelly (Kiniski) W
10/26 West Hempstead Antonino Rocca D
10/30 Toledo Bobo Brazil W
10/ Dallas Dory Dixon D (90min)
11/02 St. Louis Ed Carpentier W
11/03 W. Hempstead Bruno Sammartino W
11/05 Pittsburgh Bruno Sammartino D
11/08 Montreal Bob Bedard W
11/09 Chicago Bobo Brazil W (DQ)
11/10 Akron The Mongol W
11/12 New York City Dory Dixon D(double pin)
11/14 Toledo Vittorio Apollo W
11/15 Montreal Arnold Skaaland W
11/19 Baltimore Shohei Baba W
11/20 Ottawa Bruno Sammartino D (NC)
11/21 Montreal Wladek Kowalski L
* Rogers suffered a broken ankle in the above bout;
Rogers is pinned after his ankle breaks in the
first fall; NWA doesn't recognize the title change
because the match had been signed as best-of-3 falls.


01/03 Washington, DC Gene Kelly W
01/10 Washington, DC Miguel Perez W
01/12 Philadelphia Bobo Brazil W
01/14 Washington, DC Buddy Austin D
01/16 Montreal Wladek Kowalski D
01/17 Cleveland Bobo Brazil D (NC)
01/18 Chicago Bobo Brazil W
01/19 Philadelphia Bobo Brazil W
01/21 New York City Wladek Kowalski D
01/23 Richmond Ed Carpentier W
01/24 Toronto Lou Thesz L

The above courtesy of



Buddy Rogers                                                   25/01/1963

*Awarded by promoters breaking with the NWA, allegedly because they didn’t recognise Buddy’s one-fall loss of the NWA World Heavyweight Title to Lou Thesz on 24/01/1963 in Toronto, ON. On 25/01/1963 Vince McMahon announced the creation of the WWWF. In some accounts Buddy allegedly defeated Antonio Rocca in a fictitious tournament final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the title. In fact, Joe ‘Toots’ Mondt wanted to use Bobo Brazil’s name to say that Buddy beat him for the title in the tournament final. Brazil refused to allow his name to be used so Mondt used Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a subliminal insult to Brazil for his lack of co-operation.

W                     Bobo Brazil                               25/01/1963                    New Haven, CT

            *Introduced as World Wrestling Champion.

W                     Ted Lewin                                 29/01/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

W                     Bobo Brazil                               31/01/1963                    Cleveland, OH

            *Texas death match.

W                     Edouard Carpentier                   01/02/1963                    St. Louis, MO

            *Referee declared Carpentier unable to continue.

W                     Frank Pickens                            02/02/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

W                     Bruno Sammartino                     04/02/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

*2/3 falls match. Rogers – 2, Sammartino – 1.

W                     Miguel Perez                             05/02/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

D/NC                Bobo Brazil                               06/02/1963                    Baltimore, MD


L-P                   Lou Thesz                                 07/02/1963                    Toronto, ON

*Rematch for the NWA Title. Introduced as former NWA Champion. WWWF Title not on the line.

Thesz beat Rogers by disqualification

            Rogers pinned Thesz

            Thesz pinned Rogers


W                     Dory Dixon                               09/02/1963                    Cleveland, OH

W                     Killer Kowaski                            10/02/1963                    Chicago, IL

W                     Buddy Austin                            11/02/1963                    Washington, DC

            *Texas death match.

W                     Pedro Morales                          12/02/1963                    Trenton, NJ

W                     Edouard Carpentier                   14/02/1963                    Cleveland, OH

W                     Edouard Carpentier                   16/02/1963                    Paterson, NJ

D/NC                Larry Chene                               19/02/1963                    Lansing, MI

W                     Ron Reed                                 21/02/1963                    Washington, DC

W-P                  Killer Kowalski                           22/02/1963                    Chicago, IL

            *2/3 falls match.

            *Billed as a match for ‘a’ World Heavyweight Championship.

            *Rogers wore the NWA United States Title belt.

            Kowalski pinned Rogers

            Rogers pinned Kowalski

            Rogers pinned Kowalski

W-P                  Bobo Brazil                               23/02/1963                    Philadelphia, PA

W                     Dory Dixon                               25/02/1963                    New York, NY

W                     Pablo Iturbi                               26/02/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

W                     Killer Kowalski                           28/02/1963                    Cleveland, OH

D/NC                Gene Kelly                                02/03/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

W                     Bobo Brazil                               02/03/1963                    Newark, NJ

D                      Johnny Barend                          04/03/1963                    Washington, DC

W                     Roberto Gonzalez                      05/03/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

W                     Buddy Austin                            06/03/1963                    Richmond, VA

            *2/3 falls match.

?                      Pablo Iturbi                               07/03/1963                    Washington, DC

W                     Killer Kowalski                           08/03/1963                    Hempstead, NY

W                     Gene Kelly                                09/03/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

W                     Killer Kowalski                           11/03/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

W                     Gene Kelly                                14/03/1963                    Washington, DC

W                     Buddy Austin                            16/03/1963                    Jersey City, NJ

W                     Killer Kowalski                           18/03/1963                    Pittsburgh, PA

W                     Gene Kelly                                21/03/1963                    Washington, DC

W                     Killer Kowalski                           22/03/1963                    Chicago, IL

W                     Pete Sanchez                            23/03/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

W-P                  Johnny Barend                          25/03/1963                    New York, NY


L                      Dory Dixon                               28/03/1963                    Cleveland, OH

*Dixon was billed as the first WWWA World Heavyweight Champion, partly run by Vince McMahon. WWWF Title not on the line.


W                     Bobo Brazil                               29/03/1963                    Hempstead, NY

W                     Ron Reed                                 02/04/1963                    Bridgeport, CT

D                      Johnny Barend                          04/04/1963                    Washington, DC


W-COR             Dory Dixon                               05/04/1963                    Chicago, IL

*Rogers was never recognised as WWWA World Heavyweight Champion, perhaps due to the countout win. WWWF Title not on the line.


W                     Leon Smith                               06/04/1963                    Baltimore, MD

W                     Bobo Brazil                               06/04/1963                    Baltimore, MD

NC                    Bruno Sammartino                     11/04/1963                    Washington, DC

*Given the actual title belt before the match.

W                     Bulldog Brower                         16/04/1963                    Ottawa, ON

NS                    Dory Dixon                               18/04/1963                    Cleveland, OH

            *No showed due to probable heart procedure.

NS                    Edouard Carpentier                   20/04/1963                    Boston, MA

*No showed due to probable heart procedure. Reason given was that Rogers was suffering from pneumonia. The Shadow (Clyde Steeves) substituted for Rogers.

?                      ?                                              29/04/1963                    Highland Park, NJ

?                      ?                                              01/05/1963                    Kingston, NY

W                     Vittorio Apollo                           03/05/1963                   West Hempstead, NY

W                     Johnny Barend                          04/05/1963                    Newark, NJ

W                     Pete Sanchez                            09/05/1963                    Washington, DC

L-DQ                Bobo Brazil                               13/05/1963                    Washington, DC

W                     Pete Sanchez                            16/05/1963                    Washington, DC

L-S                   Bruno Sammartino                     17/05/1963                    New York, NY


The matches with Dixon for the WWWA Title have been discussed on the KM message board. It is believed this could have been the promotion that kickstarted McMahon et al into going solo from the NWA.

The match vs. Kowalski is fairly significant and there is even a copy of it on film.




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" 10/25 Bridgeport Gene Kelly (Kiniski) W"

This Gene Kelly was a jobber. It wasn't Kiniski.


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clawmaster wrote: " 10/25 Bridgeport Gene Kelly (Kiniski) W"

This Gene Kelly was a jobber. It wasn't Kiniski.

umm...  Your both wrong on the date and oppents, only half is correct.   :tongue:

I will get the newspaper clippings for this.  I think the Gene Kelly match was the week before against Rogers, and was a handicap match.  The date is wrong because they were runnong on Tuesdays.  They DID NOT run a tuesday card and then a Thrursday card.

Be back in a little bit with the clippings for this to make sure I am sure of what I am typing here.

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Thanks guys, just to mention I did pull that straight from the site which, as we know, isn't 100% correct.


Citizen of nowhere

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You know, I used to love Hisa's site, but I hardly use it now. He takes the time to update the title changes for every tiny indy fed running under the NWA or AWA name now, but his historic records reflect nothing of the great research done by people such as the fine historians on this board. Just by spending one day on the KM results board, or this one if he is a member, would yield many many new results, and possibly remove the bad ones, which people like myself when I knew no better, were taking as fact. I really feel that title histories should be recorded accurately, and anyone attempting to do so needs to go back to verified results and start from scratch. WTH (a great work at the time) and Hisa's site can't be used as a source anymore.

That became a bit of a rant, didn't it?


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They had 3 handicap matches that night.  Rogers, Brazil & Apollo all participated in that style match.

October 16, 1962  Bridgeport, CT
Buddy Rogers beat Rocky Storm, Gene Kelly - (Handicap Match)

As stated above, their was no Bridgeport card on the 25th and Kelly fought against Rogers on the 16th in a handicap match.



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Rogers was never recognised as WWWA World Heavyweight Champion, perhaps due to the countout win. WWWF Title not on the line.

That I do belive makes me want to dig out more old clippings.  I could swear I have something that states him as that champion, from newspaper clippings.



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Again Ron, it's only with these clippings that we're finding out title changes occurred. I did get the original information from Will & Duncan's WTH 4th edition. Look forward to seeing what you can find.

Thanks again mate.



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I am knocking out the entire greater Capitol promotion for the late 50's to the early 60's at present.  It is why seeing two Bridgeport dates that close caught my eyes.  I am sure I have a lot of Rogers dates that are not above.  Who ever is doing the new book can just go to my site when it is done and get them their and credit me or my site is how I see it.  I am doing the Capitol promotion city by city and day by day.  So if soeone is going to use what I post, I feel I should be credited appropriately because it is my time and money, doing something no one else has done.  Tearing apart a promotion for accuracy, and revealing all the dates that can be forund.  Why am I being so anal about accuracy?  It started with Keith Greenburg and Wayne Coleman's advice to me.  If I am going to do anything related to this business, do it like the others do not, as in be unique.  Go for accuracy, and grab everything you can to back things up.  Because their is no accuracy in most things out their.

As for Hisa's site...  

Here is a post I did back in 2005.

It went totally ignored for 19 months dealing with the Florida Title.  Wait let me say this again,  IT WENT 19 FUCKING MONTHS.  Bushinyou was asking me why I do not drop off title changes that I find to other sites.  I pointed him to that topic.  So he made a reply in it.  Then Hisa replied the next day to it.  But yet it sat for 19 months.   Look at the posting dates.  It verifies how long it sat their.  He moved that topic into the CWF forum.  Other title stuff I posted the topics dissapeared totally off that board.  Now I also had the Texas Brass Knucks title changed at his site.  Nothing I did their got me any credit in his section for crediting the correct users for helping out with title changes. 

If you read his reply back to Bush, after I read the last sentenced I was like...  WTF?  My shit sat their for 19 months ignored till someone else replies in it, and I read that like it implied I need to go do more research for site who doesnt give a shit?  Add that with a email I got from his site asking me roughly the following:

Would I e-mail him the stuff rather than posting it on the message board.  He doesnt want corrections posted on his messageboard because they can be misleading and unreliable or some shit.   Hell I was giving him the documented stuff with the original clippings with the links to the shit.  He mentioned something about not wanting to have to screen the posts for accuracey.

 I wrote that site goodbye in my mind.  Yes I know I can be a dick at times with how I see and view things, but with stuff like that I am entitled to be a dick when I feel the research is wasted, when I go out of my way for things that are not in my schedule of researching, thinking I am going to help out a certain project.

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To put this back on topic, I will add a few Buddy Rogers dates.

November 6, 1962  Bridgeport, CT
Buddy Rogers won by submission over Bob Boyer

November 16, 1962  New Haven, CT
Buddy Rogers, Johnny Barrend vs Dory Dixon, Antonino Rocca

November 27, 1962  Bridgeport, CT
Match cancelled due to Rogers injury.
Buddy Rogers vs Pete Sanchez

December 26, 1962 Bridgeport, CT
Buddy Rogers vs Pete Sanchez
This is odd because Buddy "killer" Austin interfered with the match when Rogers was pumelizing Sanchez.  Austin enters the ring to save Sanchez and has blows with Rogers.  Rogers leaves the ring and refuses to enter to finish his match.  Austin then turns and attacks Sanchez and puts him into a submission hold, and wins the match.  WTF???

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