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 Posted: Thu Aug 12th, 2010 08:13 pm
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I graduated with about 130 and we had about 800-900 at the school (down from around 1200-1300 a couple of years earlier because of a base closure).  In my class, the closest thing I can think of as celebs are my buddy and team mate Reggie Nelson, who was a 4 year starter and I-AA All American at OT for Mcneese St when they spent much of that time with the #1 national ranking and always lost in the semis or finals to (I think) Montana St. He was drafted by the Chargers and spent his 3 or 4 years of eligible practice squad time w/ the Chargers, Packers and Dolphins.  Never made a regular season roster though.

Also, I graduated w/ Tammy Nash who had a brief moment in the spotlight as an American Idol semi-finalist that almost made the final cut, but was an emotional wreck. She would break down and cry and freak out so the cameras honed in on her. She was like that in HS too. A real loose cannon w/loads of talent.  Larry Ellis, from the same season of AI, was a Jr when I was a Sr.

Went to HS with a few other pros:  Juan Pierre was a year behind me. GREAT guy from a great family. Can't say enough good about him. I'm a huge fan. 

Craig Nall is a good friend. He was a freshman my sr year but we were tight because he's really tight with a group of little brothers of many of my friends. Him and Kyle Kipps would come to Lafayette and party with us during off time while they were at LSU.

Chris Boniol, the Dallas and Philly kicker, was a star at our school when I was a freshman. His dad was my D-Line coach and DC for 4 years of high school.

Eric Chew was a very successful I-AA WR at McNeese St and was drafted by the Texans. Made a couple of practice squads and preseason rosters.

Nick Harris (S/LB) and Chris Brown (RB) of OU and now NFL both went to my school as well, but they are a good bit younger.

As for notorious,  a guy who was a childhood friend (but we figured out after a while that he was a loser and a creep) & HS classmate got convicted of fiddling a 9 year old girl.

SEVERAL have died of drug related causes and a number of the black kids I went to school with were shot and killed. Some before graduating.

The star running back of our crosstown rivals (and former pro baseball player), Darryl White, was convicted of being a local serial rapist. He'd do CRAZY things to his tied up victims while masturbating on them and violating them with weapons and such.

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