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Angelo Poffo ring record  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Tue Mar 1st, 2011 05:48 am
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This ring record was compiled by George Lentz. Some of you may know George as Crusher Bolo or GJL on KM. I figure we can all add a bunch of listings.

The Ring Record of



Compiled by George Lentz




09-10  Alex White, Round Lake Park, IL (Lake County Coliseum)___________________________    ______    Unknown

09-24  Tarzan Joe, Round Lake Park, IL (Lake County Coliseum)________________________________         Unknown

                                                                   (2 results)



09-27  Danno McDonald, Rockford, IL______________________________________________________        Won

10-04  Al Williams, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________________       Lost

10-08  Angelo Martinelli, Racine (Eagle Hall)_________________________________________________        Lost

10-12  w/Jack Carter vs. Danno McDonald/Pete Vukavich, Chicago (Rainbo Arena)__________________         Won

10-13  Ray Ryan, Chicago, IL (Madison Arena)_______________________________________________       Lost

10-13     Danno McDonald, Milwaukee (SSA-TV)_______________________________________________       Unknown

(probably also in tag match w/McDonald, George Drake and Angelo Martinelli)

10-15  w/Angelo Martinelli vs. Billy Hickson/George Drake, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________         Lost

10-20  Gypsy Joe, Milwaukee (SSA-TV)_____________________________________________________       Unknown

10-27  w/Angelo Martinelli vs. Billy Hickson/George Drake, Chicago (Madison Arena)_________________         Draw

10-29  George Drake, Chicago, IL (Marigold Gardens)_________________________________________        Lost

11-12  w/Nick Kapitan vs. Jack Carter/Pete Vukovich, Libertyville, IL (H.S. Gym)_____________________         Unknown

11-19     Billy Hickson, Racine (Eagle Hall)___________________________________________________         Lost 0-2

11-28     w/George Drake vs. Billy Brooks/Ray Ryan, Chicago ( Rainbo Arena)_______________________         Lost

11-29     Ray Ryan, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________________       Lost

Also w/Billy Parks vs. Ray Ryan/Billy Brooks___________________________________________         Won


                                                                   14 results (16)



01-02     Gypsy Joe, Milwaukee (RDV)________________________________________________________     Lost

01-03     Pete Bartu, Chicago (Midway Arena)___________________________________________________   Draw

01-04     Pete Bartu, Chicago (Madison Arena)_________________________________________________      Draw

01-12     Verne Taft, Chicago (Madison Arena)__________________________________________________    Lost

01-13     w/Verne Taft vs. Ray Ryan/Wild Billy Brooks, Chicago (Marigold Gardens)_____________________     Won

01-17  Wild Billy Brooks, Chicago (Midway Arena)______________________________________________      Draw

01-19     Wild Billy Brooks, Milwaukee (SSA____________________________________________________      Unknown

01-24     w/George Drake vs. Jack Steele/Wild Billy Brooks, Chicago ( Midway Arena)___________________      Lost

01-28     w/John Roy vs. Wild Billy Brooks/Angelo Farino, Chicago (Marigold Gardens___________________      Won

01-31  John Roy, Chicago (Midway Arena)____________________________________________________    X

02-04     Ned Taylor, Racine (Eagle Hall)_______________________________________________________   X

02-14     w/Pete Vukovich vs. Wild Billy Brooks/Ray Ryan, Chicago (Midway Arena)_____________________      Unknown

02-18     Pete Vukovich, Chicago (Marigold Gardens)_____________________________________________    Won

02-21     w/Pete Vukovich vs. Ned Taylor/Jerry Marcus, Chicago (Midway Arena)_______________________     Lost

02-25     w/Pete Vukovich vs. Andy Rockne/Ned Taylor, Chicago (Marigold Gardens)____________________     Lost

02-28     w/Pete Vukovich vs. Ray Ryan/Pete Bartu, Chicago (Midway)_______________________________     Won

03-01     Pierre LaSalle, Chicago (Rainbo)______________________________________________________   Won

03-02     w/Lou Singer vs. Wild Billy Brooks/Pete Bartu, Chicago (Marigold)___________________________      Won

03-06     w/Roger Mackay vs. Wild Billy Brooks/Ned Taylor, Chicago (Midway)_________________________      Won

03-07     w/Jack Carter vs. Wild Billy Brooks/Pete Bartu, Chicago (Marigold)___________________________     Won

03-08     Pete Bartu, Chicago (Madison)_______________________________________________________     Won

03-14     Jerry Marcus, Chicago (Marigold)_____________________________________________________     Unknown

03-15     w/Jerry Marcus vs. Pete Bartu/Ned Taylor, Chicago (Rainbo)_______________________________     Won

03-27     Jerry Marcus, Chicago (Midway)______________________________________________________    Draw

03-30     Einar Olsen, Chicago (Madison)_______________________________________________   ______    Unknown

04-13  Sailor Al Williams, Uniontown, PA (St. John’s Gym)________________________________________     Lost

05-08  w/Pierre LaBelle vs. Fred Bosic/George Macricostas, Pittsburgh, PA (The Garden.  A-1,593)______       Won, 2-1

06-01  Irish Mike McGee, Marion, OH (Coliseum)_______________________________________________     Unknown

06-13  Jim Lewis, Uniontown, PA (Untiontown H.S. Stadium)_____________________________________      Unknown

06-15  Jack Vansky, Marion, OH (Coliseum)___________________________________________________     Unknown

06-19  w/Jackie Nichols vs. Dutch Howlett/Johnny Demchuk, Charleston, WV (American Legion Armory)___      Unknown

06-20  w/Stacey Hall vs. Ellis Bashara/Flash Clifford, New Castle, PA (Taggert Stadium. A-1,250)________       Won

           (Bashara/Clifford were subs for Benito Gardini  and Dutch Howlett)

06-25     w/Jackie Nichols vs. Jack Vansky/Billy Venable, Conneault Lake Park, PA____________________         Won

06-26  Johnny Demchuk, Charleston, WV (American Legion Armory)_______________________________     Unknown

06-29  Duke Keomuka, Marion, OH (Coliseum)________________________________________________      Unknown

07-13  Mike McGee, Columbus, OH_________________________________________________________      Won

07-20  Omar Kyam, Columbus, OH__________________________________________________________    Won

07-27  Lord Lansdowne, Columbus, OH______________________________________________________     Won (DQ)

08-03  Jackie Nichols, Columbus, OH________________________________________________________     Lost

08-09     w/Roger Mackay vs. Ivan Rasputin/Jack Vansky, Conneault Lake Park, PA____________________       Lost

08-24  Walter Achiu, Columbus, OH________________________________________________________       Won

08-31  Jim Lewis, Columbus, OH___________________________________________________________      Draw

09-07  Lou Britton, Columbus, OH__________________________________________________________      Won

09-13  Johnny Demchuck © for WJr.Hvwt. Title, Marysville, OH (Co. Fair)__________________________        Unknown

09-30     Jackie Nichols, Mansfield, OH________________________________________________________     Lost

10-04  Johnny Demchuck, Zanesville, OH ____________________________________________________      Lost – pin

10-11  w/Sandor Kovacs vs. Billy Venable/Jack Vansky, Monessen, PA (Memorial Stadium)_____________       Won

10-21  w/Sonny Kurgis vs. Fred Von Schacht and Sheik Omar Kyam, Mansfield, OH___________________      Lost

10-26  Jackie Nichols, New Castle, PA_______________________________________________________      Unknown

11-08     Jack Terry, Chicago (Rainbo)________________________________________________________     Won

11-15     w/Bobby Ford vs. Buckskin Leslie/Len Hughes, Chicago (Rainbo)____________________________     Lost

11-29  w/Bobby Ford vs. Jack Vansky/Ivan Rasputin, New Castle, PA (Arena)________________________      Unknown

12-13  Jack Vansky, Chicago (Rainbo Arena)__________________________________________________     Unknown

12-27  w/Johnny Valentine vs. Hard Boiled Haggerty/Jules LaRance, Pittsburgh, PA (The Garden)_______       Unknown

12-29  Jackie Nichols, Zanesville, OH (City Auditorium)__________________________________________      Unknown


                                                            47 results (63)



01-11  Roy “Silver Adonis” Shire, Marion, OH (Armory)__________________________________________      Draw-30:00

01-18  6-Man Battle Royal, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)__________________________________      Unknown

01-25  Ali Pasha, Marion, OH (Armory)______________________________________________________      Won 2-1

01-31  George Macricostas, Chicago (Rainbo)________________________________________________       Lost

02-02  Fred Blassie, St. Louis, MO__________________________________________________________      Draw

02-09  w/Ray Gunkel vs. Red Vagnonne/Ivan Rasputin, St. Louis__________________________________      Lost

02-23  Frank Bozic, East Liverpool, OH (Memorial Auditorium)____________________________________      Unknown

03-15 Ned Taylor, Chicago (Madison)________________________________________________________    Lost

03-16 Carl Engstrom, Hartford, WI (Schwartz Ballroom)__________________________________________    Unknown

03-21     w/Farmer Don Marlin vs. Stan Karolyi/Ed Francis, Chicago (Rainbo)__________________________    Lost 2/3

04-24  George Drake, Little Rock, AK (Robinson Auditorium)_____________________________________      Won

05-01  Kenny Ackles, Little Rock, AK (Robinson Auditorium)______________________________________      Lost

05-22  Ivan Kalmikoff, Little Rock, AK (Robinson Auditorium)______________________________________     Won – DQ

           also w/Dr. Lee Grable/Wayne Martin vs. Al Galento/Ray Duran/Ivan Kalmikoff___________________     Lost

06-05  Ivan Kalmikoff, Little Rock, AK (Robinson Auditorium)_____________________________________       Lost

06-12  Dizzy Davis, Little Rock, AK (Robinson Auditorium)_______________________________________       Lost

07-12  Hardy Kruskamp, Van Nuys, CA (Valley Garden Arena)___________________________________       Lost

08-21  w/Bobby Ford vs. Paul Orth/Speedy LaRance, Athens, OH (County Centennial Fair)_____________      Won (DQ) 35’

09-11  Chris Belkas © for American Jr. Hvwt. Title, Lima, OH (Memorial Hall)_________________________     Unknown

09-17  w/Bobby Ford vs. The Golden Greek/Tony Farzo, Brownsville, PA (H.S. Stadium)________________    Unknown

09-19  w/Bobby Ford vs. The Golden Greek/Joe Farzo, Oil City, PA (Ramage-Hasson Field)____________       Won

10-03  Jackie Nichols, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)______________________________________       Lost (INJ)

10-17  Marvin Mercer, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)______________________________________      Unknown

10-29  Johnny Demchuk, Charleston, WV (American Legion Armory)_______________________________     Unknown


                                                              21 matches (84)



01-23  in tag match with Don Sparrow, Tony Vagonne, Pierre LaSalle, Union City, PA ______________            Unknown

02-15  Johnny Gilbert, Hammond, IN (State Arena)_____________________________________                     Unknown

02-20  Marvin Mercer for Jr. Hvt. Title, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd Armory)________________                         Lost

03-06  Joe Scarpello, Marion, OH (Armory)____________________________________________                    Unknown

03-15  w/George Macricostas vs. Fred Bozic and Joe Christy, Toronto, OH (H.S. Gym)_________                     Unknown

03-26  Mighty Atlas, Cambridge, OH (Armory)_________________________________________________     Unknown

03-27  Bob Wallace, Marion, OH (Armory)____________________________________________                     Won – 24 min.

04-01  Edmund Francis, Logan, OH (High School Gym)__________________________________                    Unknown

04-02     w/Stan Holek vs. John Gates/Paul Orth, Chicago (Rainbo)__________________________                    Won

04-10  Joe Scarpello, Marion, OH (Armory)____________________________________________                    Lost 2/3

04-23  Great Yousoff, Chicago (Rainbo Arena)_________________________________________                    Lost 12:22

04-23  Bobby Wallace, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd Armory)______________________________                      X

04-29  Joe Scarpello, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)_______________________________                     Lost

05-28  Larry Chene, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)________________________________                     Unknown

06-12  Chris Belkas, Marion, OH (Armory)____________________________________________                     Unknown

06-19  George Macricostas, Zanesville, OH (Moxahala Park Speedway)_____________________                     Unknown

06-21  Lord Blears, Glouster, OH (Stadium)___________________________________________                     Unknown

07-14  Karl Von Shober, Charleston, WV (American Legion Armory)________________________________    Unknown

07-19  w/Joe Wolf vs. Tony Sinatra/Tom Steele, Wellston, OH (Jackson Co. Fair)__________________            Unknown

07-24  Al Tucker, Marion, OH (Armory)______________________________________________                      Won-DQ 2-0

08-07  George Macricostas, Marion, OH (Armory)_______________________________________                   Lost 2/3

08-21  Marco Polo, Marion, OH (Armory)_____________________________________________                     Draw – both Koed

09-17  w/Joe Wolfe vs. Al Cortez/Harold Short, Logan, OH (Hocking Co. Fair)_______________                       Unknown

10-21  Billy (McDaniel) Blassie, Syracuse, NY (War Memorial)____________________________________       Lost – 14 min.

10-24  Pat O’Connor, Buffalo, NY___________________________________________________                     Lost

10-29  w/Marvin Mercer vs. Jack Vansky/Benny Trudell, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd Armory)___                        Won

            also vs. Jack Vansky (sub for Larry Chene)______________________________________                    Won

11-07  George Drake, Marion, OH (Armory)___________________________________________                    Draw – 60:00

11-28  Marco Polo, Marion, OH (Armory)_____________________________________________                     Won 2/3

12-03  Frankie Talaber, Mansfield, OH (Ashland Rd. Armory)_____________________________                     X

12-03  George Drake, Athens, OH (Armory)___________________________________________                    Won 2-0 (DQ)

12-05  Jim Lewis, Marion, OH (Armory)______________________________________________                      Lost-DQ

12-12  Ali Pasha, Marion, OH (Armory)_______________________________________________                    Unknown

12-17  Joe Wolfe, Athens, OH (Armory)______________________________________________                     Unknown


                                                                            29 matches (113)



01-06  w/Don Kalt vs. Bob Geigel/Tony Vagnonne, Pittsburgh, PA (The Gardens)____________________        Unknown

01-07  Benny Trudell, Mansfield, OH_________________________________________________                    Won

01-10  w/Don Kalt vs. Benny Trudell/Paul Orth, Altoona, PA (Jaffa Mosque)_________________                       Unknown

01-27  w/Don Kalt vs. Paul Orth/Ed Vansky, Pittsburgh, PA (Gardens)______________________________      Unknown

01-30  w/Nick Roberts vs. Bob Geigel/Tony Vaconne, Union City, PA (State Theatre)__________                      Unknown

02-09  Pepper Gomez, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)________________________________________        Lost

04-27  Glen Detton, Portland, OR___________________________________________________________     Won

05-01  Tony Ross, Portland, OR____________________________________________________________     Lost

            also vs. Tommy Martindale__________________________________________________________      Won

05-02  Don Kindred, Roseburg, OR__________________________________________________________    Won

05-04  Tommy Martindale, Portland, OR______________________________________________________    Draw

05-09  George Drake, Roseburg, OR________________________________________________________     Lost

05-11  Paddy Mack, Portland, OR__________________________________________________________       Draw

05-15  Johnny Demchuck, Portland, OR_____________________________________________________       Won

05-18  Bill Fletcher, Portland, OR___________________________________________________________      Won

05-25  Paul DeGalles, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)__________________________________________     Unknown

06-02  6-Man Battle Royal, Yakima, WA_____________________________________________________       Unknown

06-03  Clair Robinson, Vancouver__________________________________________________________      Lost

06-04  Bud Rattal, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)_______________________________________________    Unknown

06-05  Walter Kameroff, Tacoma, WA (Armory)________________________________________________     Unknown

06-10  Bud Rattal, Vancouver_______________________________________________________   _______  Draw

06-22  The Great Pederson, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)____________________________________       Unknown

06-24  Axel Cadier, Vancouver______________________________________________________                   Draw

06-30  Rey Urbano, Yakima, WA____________________________________________________                    Unknown

07-01  George Drake, Vancouver____________________________________________________                   Lost

07-07  Cal Roberts, Yakima, WA____________________________________________________                    Unknown

07-08  Luther Lindsay, Vancouver___________________________________________________                    Lost

07-13  w/Don Kindred vs. Pepper Gomez/Luther Lindsey, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)______________     Unknown

07-14  w/Axel Cadier vs. Danno McDonald/Luther Lindsey, Yakima, WA___________________                         Unknown

07-15  w/Don Kindred vs. Luther Lindsay/Danno McDonald, Vancouver_____________________                      Won

07-16  Dave Jons, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)_______________________________________________    Unknown

07-21  Dave Jons, Yakima, WA_____________________________________________________                     Unknown

07-22  Dave Jons, Vancouver_______________________________________________________                   Won

07-28  w/Don Kindred vs. Dave Jons/Danno McDonald, Yakima, WA_______________________                      Unknown

07-30  w/Don Kindred vs. Pepper Gomez/Luther Lindsey, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)_______________       Unknown

08-03  Gypsy Moe Faeita, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)______________________________________       Unknown

08-05  w/Don Kindred vs. Luther Lindsay/Danno McDonald, Vancouver (Forum)______________________     Double DQ

08-06  Pepper Gomez, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)___________________________________________     Unknown

08-10  Pepper Gomez, Seattle, WA (Eagles Auditorium)_________________________________________      Unknown

08-12  w/Don Kindred vs. Luther Lindsay/Danno McDonald, Vancouver_____________________________      Lost

08-19  w/Don Kindred vs. Luther Lindsay/Danno McDonald, Vancouver______________________________    Lost

08-20  6-Man Battle Royal including Al Szasz, The Ram, Ivan Kameroff, Johnny Demchuk and Gypsy

           Moe Faeita, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)______________________________________________     Unknown

08-21  Al Szasz, Tacoma, WA (Armory)______________________________________________________     Unknown

09-10  w/Don Kindred vs. Pepper Gomez/George Drake, Victoria, BC (Memorial Arena)________________     Unknown

09-16  George Drake, Vancouver____________________________________________________________   Draw

09-23  Pepper Gomez, Vancouver____________________________________________________  Lost

09-30  Johnny Dumchuk, Vancouver__________________________________________________  Lost

10-06     Rudy Kay, Rockford, IL______________________________________________________                   Lost

10-13  w/Pierre LaBelle vs. Gypsy Joe/Tor Yamato, St. Charles, IL_________________________________     Lost

10-14     w/Johnny Gilbert vs. Doran O’Hara/Zack Malkov, Chicago (Rainbo)__________________                      Won

10-15     Zack Malkov, Sterling, IL (Coliseum)___________________________________________                     Unknown

10-17  Gypsy Joe, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________________________________________                       Lost

10-20     w/Rocky Columbo vs. Zack Malkov/Paul DeGalles, Rockford, IL____________________                        Won

10-27     w/Rocky Columbo vs. The Sheik of Araby/Rudy Kay, Rockford, IL___________________                       Won-disq.

10-31     Killer Kowalski, Chicago (Marigold)___________________________________________                       Lost

11-03     The Sheik of Araby, Rockford, IL______________________________________________                    Draw

11-10  w/Whitey Walberg vs. Hombre Montana/Zack Malkov, Rockford, IL__________________                        Won

11-27  Larry Chene, Sterling, IL (Coliseum)___________________________________________________     Unknown

11-28     Paul DeGalles, Chicago (Marigold)_____________________________________________   _______  Won

12-08     Man Mountain Dean Jr., Minneapolis__________________________________________________      Lost – 11:12

12-19     w/Johnny Gilbert vs. The Sheik of Araby/Gypsy Joe (MWTTC), Chicago (Marigold)______________      Lost

12-21  Red Bastien, Austin, MN (Armory)_____________________________________________________     Draw – 30:00

12-22     Tony Baillargeon, Minneapolis________________________________________________________    Lost – 22:20

12-26  Red Bastien, St. Paul_______________________________________________________________     Draw – 30:00


                                                                38 matches (151)



01-02     Joe Pazandak, St. Paul_____________________________________________________________     Lost

01-04  Jack Witzig, Austin, MN (Armory)____________________________________________         Lost – 21:10

01-05  Hans Hermann, Minneapolis_________________________________________________      Lost

01-07     Rocky Gallup, Rochester, MN________________________________________________     Won

01-08     Hans Hermann, St. Paul_____________________________________________________   Lost

01-09     Harold Nelson, Winnipeg (Auditorium)_________________________________________     Won – pin – 21 min.

01-15  Kinji Shibuya, Alberta Lea, MN (Armory)_____________________________________           Unknown

01-18  Mighty Ursus, Austin, MN (Armory)__________________________________________         Draw-30:00

01-22  Ole Olson, Winnipeg (Auditorium)____________________________________________        Draw

01-23     Kinji Shibuya, St. Paul______________________________________________________     Lost

01-26  Abe Kashey, Minneapolis____________________________________________________     Lost

01-27  The Mighty Ursus, Rochester, MN (also refereed main event)_______________________      Won

01-29     Axel Cadier, Duluth, MN____________________________________________________     Lost

01-30     w/Bill Curry vs. Reggie Lisowski/Art Neilson, Chicago (Marigold)___________________         Lost

02-03     Axel Cadier, Rochester, MN__________________________________________________   Lost

02-04     Jack Witzig, Duluth, MN_____________________________________________________    Draw

02-11     Jack Witzig, Rochester, MN__________________________________________________    Lost

02-12     Tony Baillargeon, St. Paul, MN_______________________________________________     Lost

02-15     Roy McClarity, Minneapolis__________________________________________________     Lost

02-19     w/Fritz Schnabel vs. Butch Levy/Paul Baillargeon, Duluth, MN______________________       Lost

02-26     Stan Mayslack, Duluth, MN__________________________________________________     Won

03-01  Fred Stoeker, Blooming Prarie, MN (High School Auditorium)______________________        Unknown

03-08  Abe Zvonkin, Austin, MN (Armory)__________________________________________          Won – 14:40

03-11     Abe Zvonkin, Rochester, MN_________________________________________________    Won

03-12     Axel Cadier, St. Paul, MN____________________________________________________   Lost

03-17  Hans Hermann, Des Moines, IA (KRNT Theater)_________________________________     Lost – 7:43

03-30  w/Paul Baillargeon vs. Dick Raines/Joe Pazandak, Brainerd, MN (Armory. A-SRO-1,350)__     Lost 2/3

04-01     Dennis Clary, Mankato, MN__________________________________________________    No Contest

04-02     Karl Karlsson, Duluth, MN___________________________________________________     Lost

04-06     Dennis Clary, Duluth, MN____________________________________________________   Lost-dq

04-07     Jack Pesek, Mankato, MN____________________________________________________Draw

04-09  Axel Cadier, Winnipeg (Auditorium)___________________________________________       Won

04-10     Jack Pesek, St. Paul, MN____________________________________________________    Draw

04-13  Tony Baillargeon, Minneapolis, MN_____________________________________________    Lost

04-14  Earl Fleming, Rochester, MN_________________________________________________     Won

04-20     Roy McClarity, Duluth, MN__________________________________________________     Lost

04-27     Karl Karlsson, Duluth, MN___________________________________________________     Lost

04-28     Fred Stoecker, Rochester, MN________________________________________________   No Contest

05-01     George Drake, St. Paul_____________________________________________________    Won

05-04     Dennis Clary, Minneapolis, MN________________________________________________   Draw

05-08     Dennis Clary, St. Paul, MN___________________________________________________   Lost

05-11     Roy McClarity, Minneapolis___________________________________________________No Contest

05-18     Tony Baillargeon, Minneapolis_________________________________________________Lost

05-28  Jack Witzig, Brainerd, MN (Armory)__________________________________________         Lost

05-29  Jack Witzig, St. Paul, MN___________________________________________________       Lost

06-09  Bill McDaniel, San Antonio, TX______________________________________________         Draw – 15:00

06-16  Alo Leilani, San Antonio TX_________________________________________________        Draw – 20:00

06-23  Ray Gunkel, San Antonio, TX________________________________________________      Draw – 15:00

06-28  w/Ed Francis vs. (Enrique Guzman, Rito Romero, Sugi Sito, Ray Gunkel, Stu

           Gibson, Johnny Valentine), Ft. Worth, TX_______________________________________      Lost

07-29  Alo Leilani, Galveston, TX__________________________________________________        Lost – 8:00

08-04  Mike Clancy, San Antonio, TX_________________________________________________    Lost – 14:00

08-11  George Drake, San Antonio, TX_______________________________________________    Lost – 11:00

08-14  Doug Donnan, Portland, OR__________________________________________________    Won

08-17  Cal Roberts, Portland, OR____________________________________________________   Won

08-20  Jack Kiser, Portland, OR____________________________________________________      Lost (DQ)

08-21  Doran O’Hara, Roseburg, OR________________________________________________     Won

08-23  Doran O’Hara, Portland, OR__________________________________________________    Won

09-29  Buddy Jackson, Vancouver, BC (The Gardens)___________________________________    Unknown

10-06  Johnny Demchuk, Vancouver (The Gardens)_____________________________________    Unknown 

12-03  Bronko Lubich, Calgary, AL___________________________________________________   Unknown

12-09  Dave Rhr, Lethbridge, AL (Arena)______________________________________________   Draw – 30:00

12-27  Stu Hart, Calgary, Alberta____________________________________________________    Unknown

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 Posted: Tue Mar 1st, 2011 05:50 am
2nd Post

Joined: Sun Oct 14th, 2007
Location: The Bowels Of East Central Illinois
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01-18  w/Hans Hermann vs. Zack Malkov/Don DeCortez, St. Charles, IL (Livestock Center)____________        Unknown

02-25  w/Bob Geigel vs. Bob Clay/Luis Martinez, Albuquerque, NM (Armory)________________________        Won

03-04  w/Bob Geigel vs. Bob Clay/Luis Martinez, Albuquerque, NM (Armory)______________________            Unknown

05-03  w/Stan “Killer” Kolski vs. Benito Gardini/Rudy Kay, Sheboygan (Playdium)______________________      Unknown

05-06  Hans Hermann, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________Won

05-07  Johnny Silvi, Chicago (Marigold)______________________________________________Won 2-0 29:15

05-29  Carl Engstrom, Richwood, WI________________________________________________Unknown

05-31  Billy Goelz, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________Won

06-02     Al Szasz, Milwaukee (RDV)__________________________________________________Unknown

06-09     Jack Allen, Milwaukee (RDV)_________________________________________________Won-default

06-10     Bud Fisher, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________Won

06-15  Roy McClarity, Michigan City________________________________________________Unknown

06-16     Cowboy Buddy Fisher, Milwaukee (RDV)_______________________________________Won

06-17     Juan Hernandez, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)__________________________________Unknown

06-18  w/Ivan Rasputin vs. Hans Schmidt/Hans Schnabel, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________Lost

06-21  Billy Goelz, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________Lost-dq

06-23     Cowboy Buddy Fisher, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________________________________Unknown

06-24     Carl Engstrom, Round Lake Park (Lake County Stadium)__________________________Unknown

07-01  Dick the Bruiser, Round Lake Park (Lake County Stadium)_________________________Unknown    

07-07     Jack Allen, Madison (Breese Stevens Field)______________________________________Unknown

07-08     Hans Hermann, Round Lake Park (Lake County Stadium)___________________________Unknown

07-14     Juan Hernandez, Milwaukee (SSA)_____________________________________________Won

07-15  w/Whitey Whittler vs. Billy Goelz and Cowboy Carlson, Round Lake Park (LCS)________Unknown

07-19  Billy Goelz, Rockford, IL_____________________________________________________Won

07-21     Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Won-dq

07-23  Len Rossi, Milwaukee (Auditorium)____________________________________________Won   

07-28     Cowboy Carlson, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________Unknown

08-??  Cowboy Carlson, Wisconsin Dells__________________________________________________            Unknown

08-01  Dick (the Bruiser) Afflis, Valpariso, IN (Porter Co. Fairgrounds.  A-1,000)_____________________        Won (COR)

08-03  Juan Hernandez, Davenport (Stadium)__________________________________________Won

08-04     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Billy Goelz/Cowboy Carlson, Milwaukee (SSA)_____________________Lost    

08-13  Cowboy Carlson, Elkhorn (Stock Pavilion)_______________________________________Won 2/3

08-15  Joe Dusek, Davenport, IA (Mississippi Valley Fair)________________________________Unknown

08-16  Jack Bauer, Rockford, IL_____________________________________________________Won

08-20     w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Rudy Kay/Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (Auditorium)______________Won

08-23  w/Rudy Kay vs. Billy Goelz/Len Rossi, St. Charles, IL (Livestock Center)_____________          Unknown

08-25     Jack Allen, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won

08-28  Art Bull, Dubuque, IA (Melody Mill)____________________________________________Lost

09-01     Reggie Lisowski, Milwaukee (SSA)_____________________________________________No Contest

09-05  Mitsu Arakawa, Watertown (Riverside Park)______________________________________Unknown

09-08  8 Man Battle Royal, Madison (Breese Stevens Field)_______________________________Unknown

            also vs. Jack Bauer__________________________________________________________Won

09-09  Rudy Kay, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)________________________________________Unknown

09-20  w/Reggie Lisowski vs. Roy McClarity/Billy Goelz, Rockford, IL______________________Draw

09-22     Maurice Roberre, Milwaukee (SSA)_____________________________________________Won

09-23     w/Al Warshawsky vs. Jerry Woods/Jack Allen for MWTTC, Benton Harbor (Armory)____Lost

09-24  w/Reggie Lisowski vs. Roy McClarity/Yukon Eric, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________Lost    

09-28  Billy Goelz, Fond du Lac (Cow Palace)__________________________________________Won

09-29 Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________Unknown

10-06     Maurice Roberre, Beloit (Armory)______________________________________________Unknown

10-07     Roy McClarity, Rockford, IL__________________________________________________Lost-dq

10-09  Dick the Bruiser, Fond du Lac (Cow Palace)______________________________________DCOR

10-11  Mickey Gold, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________Won

10-13     Mickey Gold, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Won

10-14     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Billy Goelz/Len Rossi, Elkhorn (National Guard Armory)______________Won 2/3

10-18  Reggie Lisowski, Rockford, IL_________________________________________________Draw

10-21  Billy Goelz, Watertown (Turner Hall)____________________________________________Won 2-0 default

10-19  Reggie Lisowski, Sheboygan (Playdium)_________________________________________Won 2-0 COR

10-25  Emil Dusek, Omaha (Civic Auditorium)_________________________________________      Draw – 30:00

10-27  Roy McClarity, Rockford, IL___________________________________________________Lost

10-28  Maurice Roberre, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________Won

10-29  Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (Arena)_______________________________________________Won-dq

10-31  w/Oni Wiki Wiki vs. Ernie and Emil Dusek, Omaha (Auditorium)______________________?

11-02  Dick the Bruiser, Sheboygan (Playdium)__________________________________________DCOR

11-03  Gypsy Joe, Chicago (Trianon Arena)_____________________________________________Unknown  

11-09     Hans Schmidt, Beloit (Armory)_________________________________________________Lost

11-12  Dick Beyer, Chicago (Marigold)________________________________________________Won 2-1

11-16  Dick the Bruiser, Sheboygan (Playdium)__________________________________________Lost 2/3 COR

11-17  Jon Arjon, Chicago (Trianon Arena)______________________________________________Unknown

11-18  w/The Mighty Atlas vs. Roy McClarity/Seymour Koenig, Chicago (Int’l Amp.)___________Lost

11-19     Verne Gagne (No Ref/submissions only), Milwaukee (Arena)_________________________Lost-COR

11-22  Mark Lewin, Omaha (Civic Auditorium)_________________________________________Unknown

11-24  Art Bull, Chicago (Trianon Arena)_______________________________________________Unknown

11-26  Art Bull, Chicago (Marigold)____________________________________________________Won

11-30  w/Ned Taylor vs. Dick Beyer/Bronko Lubich, Madison (County Fairgrounds Arena)_______Won   

12-01     Dick the Bruiser, Beloit (Armory)_______________________________________________Unknown

12-02     Billy Goelz, Watertown (Turner Hall)____________________________________________Won 2/3 – default

12-09  Verne Gagne, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)     ______________________________Lost

12-10  Oni Wiki Wiki, Chicago (Marigold)_____________________________________________Won 2-0 14:39

12-13  Verne Gagne, Indianapolis_____________________________________________________Lost-DQ

12-14  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Dick Beyer/Bronko Lubich, Madison (County Fairgrounds Arena)_______Won

12-15     The Sheik of Araby, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________No Contest

12-16     Dick the Bruiser, Watertown (Turner Hall)________________________________________DCOR

12-19  Seymour Koenig, Green Bay (Labor Temple)______________________________________Lost 2/3 –dq

12-24  Jim Hady, Chicago (Marigold)___________________________________________________Won

12-29     Jerry Woods, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________________________________Unknown

12-30     Seymour Koenig, Watertown (Turner Hall)________________________________________Won 2/3


                                                                        84 matches (285)



01-05  Reggie Lisowski, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________      Won 2/3

01-07  Lou Papineau, Chicago (Marigold)____________________________________________________      Won

01-10     Art Bull, Green Bay (Labor Temple)___________________________________________________     Won 2-0 – 30:21

01-11  Reggie Lisowski, Sheboygan (Playdium) also 6-Man Battle Royal____________________________       Lost 2/3

01-12     w/Tiny Tim vs. Seymour Koenig/Irish Jackie, Beloit (Armory)_______________________________       Unknown

01-13     Reggie Lisowski, Watertown (Turner Hall)______________________________________________     Lost 2/3

01-14     Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________________________________________________      Won

01-16     Bronko Lubich, Green Bay (Labor Temple)_____________________________________________      Won, 2-0-28:32

01-17     Dick the Bruiser, Rockford, IL_______________________________________________________       No Contest

01-24     w/Hans Schmidt vs. Dick the Bruiser/Roy McClarity, Madison (DCFA)________________________       Lost 2/3 (DQ)

01-27  w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Roy McClarity/Seymour Koenig, Chicago (Int. Amp.)__________________      Won

01-28     Dick the Bruiser, Fond du Lac, (Armory E)______________________________________________     Lost 2/3 (COR)

01-31  The Sheik of Araby, Rockford, IL______________________________________________________     Draw

02-02  Roy McClarity, Beloit, WI (Armory)____________________________________________________      Unknown

02-04  Jan Gotch, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________________      Won

02-08     w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Billy Goelz/Luis Martinez, Madison (DCFA)_________________________      Lost 2/3 – COR

02-11  Billy Goelz, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________________      Won

02-13  Gypsy Joe, Green Bay (Riverside Ballroom)_____________________________________________      Won 2/3 – 41:10

02-16     Hans Hermann, Fond du Lac (Armory E)_______________________________________________     Lost – dq

02-18 Wally Steele, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________________      Won

02-25  Roy McClarity, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________________________________________      Won

03-02     Bill Melby, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________      Draw

03-03  w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski ©, Milwaukee (Arena)_____________________      Lost

03-07     The Sheik of Araby, Madison (Dane County Fairgrounds Arena)______________________Won 2/3

03-08     Dick the Bruiser, Watertown (Turner Hall)________________________________________Won 2/3

03-10  Bob DeMarce, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________Won

03-11     Stan Lisowski, Green Bay (Labor Temple)________________________________________Cancelled

03-15  Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Double Disq.

03-18  Len Rossi, Green Bay (Riverside Ballroom)_______________________________________Won 2-0

03-22     Dick the Bruiser, Fond du Lac (Armory E)________________________________________Lost 2/3 – dq

03-23     Stan Lisowski, Watertown (Turner Hall)__________________________________________Lost 2/3 – COR

03-24     Billy Goelz, Oshkosh, WI (Merrill Gym)_________________________________________Unknown

03-31  Brian Clary, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________Won

04-01     Stan Lisowski, Green Bay (Labor Temple)________________________________________No Contest – 41 min.

04-04  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Dick the Bruiser/Luis Martinez, Madison (DCFA)_________________Won 2/3

04-05     Hans Schmidt, Fond du Lac (Armory E)__________________________________________Lost 0-2 –dq

04-06     Hans Schmidt, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________Lost

04-11     Argentina Rocca, Beloit (Armory)_______________________________________________Unknown

04-11  Dave Jons, Rockford, IL_____________________________________________________________     Draw – 45:00

04-13  Al Szasz, Benton Harbor, MI (Naval Armory)_____________________________________Unknown

04-14     The Sheik of Araby, Milwaukee (Auditorium)______________________________________Won

04-17     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Wausau, WI (Youth Building)_______________Won 2-1

(Claim World Tag Team Championship.  Also wrestled in 6-Man Battle Royal)

04-19     w/Joan Ballard vs. Stan Lisowski/Shirley Strimple, Fond du Lac (Armory E)_____________Won

04-20     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title, Watertown (Turner Hall)_Lost 2/3

04-21     Luis Martinez, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________Won

04-25     w/Bronko Lubich vs. The Sheik of Araby (Handicap), Madison (DCFA)________________No Contest

04-26     Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Lost

04-27     Stan Lisowski, Benton Harbor, MI (Naval Armory)__________________________________Unknown

04-28  w/Shirley Strimple vs. Billy Goelz and Rose Roman, Oshkosh, WI (Merrill Gym)__________Unknown

05-03 w/Bronko Lubich vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title – Winners Take All,

Fond du Lac, WI (Cow Palace)_________________________________________________Lost 2/3

05-04 The Sheik of Araby, Watertown (Turner Hall)____________________________________Won 2/3 – dq

05-05          Bill Melby, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________Draw

05-09     6-Man Battle Royal, singles match, Beloit (Armory)_________________________________Unknown

05-11  Bill Melby, Benton Harbor, MI (Naval Armory)____________________________________Unknown

05-12  Wilbur Snyder © for US TV Title, Milwaukee (Arena)­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________Lost

05-15     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Luis Martinez/Seymour Koenig, Wausau, WI (Youth Building)___________Won 2-1

(World Tag Team Title defense from claim after last match)

05-17  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Dave Jons/Mario DeSousa, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________Won 2/3

05-18  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title, Ft. Atkinson (Mun. Bld.)__Unknown

05-19  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Dave Jons, Oshkosh, WI (Merrill Gym)_____________Unknown

05-24     The Sheik of Araby, Beloit, WI (Armory)_________________________________________Unknown

05-30     Mario DeSousa, Richwood, WI (possibly on 28th, Monday)___________________________Unknown

05-31     Luis Martinez, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Unknown

06-01  w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Chicago (Int. Amphitheatre)_________Lost

06-06  Verne Gagne, Madison (Breese-Stevens Field)_____________________________________Lost 2/3 - COR

06-14     Argentina Rocca, Fond du Lac (Fairgrounds Park)__________________________________Lost 0-2 – dq

06-15     Dave Jons © for Midwest Title, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)_________________________Lost 2/3

06-16  w/Danny Ferrazza vs. Nick Bockwinkel/Billy Goelz, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________Lost

06-19  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Argentine Rocca/Wilbur Snyder, Hammond (Civic Center)_________Lost

06-22     Bill Melby, Round Lake Park, IL (Lake County Stadium)____________________________Unknown

06-23     Jack Allen, Chicago (Marigold Arena)____________________________________________Won

06-26  The Sheik, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)__________________________________________Unknown

06-28  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won-default

06-29     w/The Mighty Atlas vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title, RLP (LCS)_________Unknown

06-30     Dave Jons, Chicago (Marigold Arena)____________________________________________Draw

07-04  Don DeCortez, Whitewater, WI (Starin Park)______________________________________Unknown

07-05  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Bill Savage/Don Pollack, Milwaukee(SSA)__________________________Won 2-0

07-06     Don Pollack, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________Won

07-07     Johnny Fozo, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________Lost

07-10  w/Hans Hermann vs. Bill Melby/Dave Jons, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_______________Unknown

07-12  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Billy Goelz/Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________No Contest

07-17  Dave Jons, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)__________________________________________Unknown

07-20  w/Hans Hermann vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title, Elkhorn (Stock Pavil.)___Lost 2/3

07-21  Stan Lisowski, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)_____________________________________Unknown

07-24     Argentina Rocca, Appleton, WI (Goodland Field)___________________________________Lost 0-2 - 20:45

07-25     Dick the Bruiser, Rockford, IL__________________________________________________Lost

07-26  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Seymour Koenig/Nick Bockwinkel, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________Won 2-0

07-27     Karl Gray, Round Lake Park, IL (Lake County Stadium)_____________________________Unknown

07-28     Bill Melby, Chicago (Marigold Arena)____________________________________________Draw

08-02     Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Won 2-0

08-03     Argentina Rocca, Milwaukee (County Stadium.  A-16,069)___________________________Lost 2/3

08-09  Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Unknown

08-10     w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Round Lake Park (LCS)____________Unknown

08-11     Karl Gray, Chicago (Marigold Arena)____________________________________________Won

08-15     Hans Hermann, Madison (Breese-Stevens Field)____________________________________Won

08-16  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Seymour Koenig/Nick Bockwinkel, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________Won 2/3

08-18  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)__________Unknown

08-21     Nick Bockwinkel, Appleton, WI (Goodland Field)__________________________________Won

08-23  Nick Bockwinkel for Midwest Title, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________Won-default

08-24     Bill Melby, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________________________________Won

08-25     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski © for World Title, Milwaukee (Auditorium)____Lost

08-30  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Billy Goelz/Dave Jons, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________Lost

09-01  Nick Bockwinkel, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________________________________Won

09-04     w/Ada Ash vs. Billy Goelz/Rose Roman, Appleton, WI (Goodland Field)________________Lost 2/3

09-08     Jack Allen, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_____________________________________________Won

09-11  Benito Gardini, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_______________________________________Unknown

09-12  Billy Goelz for Midwest Title, Madison (Breese-Stevens Field)_________________________Won

09-14     The Mighty Atlas, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________Won

09-15     Steve McGill, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________Won

09-18  Bill Melby, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)__________________________________________Unknown

09-22  Carl Engstrom for Midwest Title, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________________________Won

09-26  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz/Carl Engstrom, Madison (DCFA)_____________________                     Lost 2/3

09-27     w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder/Bill Melby, Fond du Lac (Cow Palace)_____________                    Lost 2/3

09-28     Ed Cholak, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_____________________________________________              Won

10-01  Verne Gagne, Omaha (Auditorium)_______________________________________________               Won-DQ

10-02  Jack Allen, Lincoln, NB (Fairgrounds Arena)___________________________________________         Unknown

10-04     Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________               No Contest

10-08  Verne Gagne, Omaha (Auditorum)_______________________________________________                Lost-DQ

10-09  Woody Strode, Lincoln,NB (Fairgrounds Arena)__________________________________________     Lost

10-11  Dick the Bruiser, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________________________________________                Won 2/3

10-13     Johnny Gilbert, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________                Won

10-16  Argentine Rocca, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_____________________________________ Unknown

10-18  Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________                Won

10-19  Carl Engstrom, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________ Won

10-22  Hans Schmidt, Omaha (Auditorium)______________________________________________                ?

10-23  Verne Gagne, Lincoln_______________________________________________________                    Unknown

10-25     w/Gypsy Joe vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Fond du Lac (Cow Palace)___________________   Lost

10-26  Billy Goelz, Gary, IN (Memorial Auditorium)_____________________________________________       Unknown

10-27  Dick the Bruiser (Non-Midwest Title Match), Milwaukee (Arena)______________________                     Lost

10-29  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Paul Bunyan (handicap), Omaha (Auditorium)____________________                    Unknown

10-30  Carl Engstrom, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_______________________________________                Unknown

11-03  Carl Engstrom, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________ Won

11-06  Sam Menacker, Lincoln, NB (Fairgrounds)______________________________________________      Won – 17 min.

11-09  Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________                     Draw

11-10 Seymour Koenig, Chicago (Marigold Arena)______________________________________                     Won

11-13  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Argentina Rocca/Jack Pesek, Lincoln, NB (Fairgrounds Arena)_____________       Unknown

11-16     Carl Engstrom for Midwest Title, Fond du Lac (Armory E)____________________________ Unknown

                11-20  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz/Carl Engstrom, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)____________Unknown

11-24  Bill Melby, Milwaukee (Arena)__________________________________________________Won 2/3

11-27  Stan Lisowski, Rockford, IL_____________________________________________________Won-disq

12-04  Billy Goelz, Mukwonago, WI (Mukwonago High School Gym)_______________________Unknown

12-07     Roy McClarity, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________Lost

12-08     Luis Martinez, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________Won

12-14     Wilbur Snyder, Watertown (Turner Hall)__________________________________________Lost 2/3 – dq

12-15  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Paul Bunyan (15 min. handicap), Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________Won

12-22  Luis Martinez, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________________________________________Won

12-28  Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________Lost


                                                         143 results (428)

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01-08  Yukon Eric, Omaha, NE____________________________________________________________       Won 2/3

01-10  Zack Malkov, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________________        Won 2-1

01-12  Bill Melby, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________________     Draw

01-15  Billy Goelz for Midwest Title, Beloit (Armory)_____________________________________Unknown

01-16  w/Argentina Rocca vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff © for WTTC, Madison, WI (DCFA)______Lost-COR

01-17  Stan Lisowski, Sheboygan, WI (Municipal Auditorium Armory)_______________________Lost

01-19  Yukon Eric (Penalty Belt Match), Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________________________Lost

01-31  Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Won 2-1

02-06  Billy Goelz, Madison, WI (DCFA)_______________________________________________Lost 1-2 - dq

02-07  Jack Allen, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Won 2-1

02-08  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Paul Bunyan/Bill Melby, Watertown, WI (Turner Hall)_________________Lost 1-2 - dq

02-09  w/Paul Bunyan vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Chicago (Int. Amp.)______________________Lost

02-14  Jerry Christy, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won

02-20  w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Verne Gagne/Wilbur Snyder, Racine, WI (Memorial Hall)________Lost 1-2

02-23  Jerry Christy, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________Won – 45 min.

02-28  Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________________________________Lost – dq

03-05  Wilbur Snyder, Hammond, IN (Civic Center) challenge for US Title_____________________Unknown

03-06  Wilbur Snyder, Madison, WI (Dane County Fairgrounds Arena)________________________Lost 1-2 – dq

03-14  Billy Goelz, Sheboygan, WI (Auditorium Armory)___________________________________No Decision

03-15  Bill Melby, Fond du Lac, WI (Armory E)__________________________________________Won 2-1

03-16  Bill Melby, Milwaukee (Arena)__________________________________________________Won

03-20  Wilbur Snyder (Penalty Belt Match for US Title), Madison, WI (DCFA)_________________Lost 1-2 - COR

03-26  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Edouard Carpentier/Billy Goelz, Beloit (Armory)__________________Unknown

03-28  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Don Pollack/Jerry Gordett, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________Won 2-1

03-29  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Chicago (Int. Amp.)____________________Lost

04-03  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff © for WTTC, Madison (DCFA)_____________Lost 0-2

04-04  Don Pollack, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won 2-1

04-11  Paul Bunyan, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Lost –dq

04-12  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff © for WTTC, Fond du Lac, WI (Armory E)___Lost 1-2

04-16  Dick the Bruiser, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______________________________________Unknown

04-18  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Wilbur Snyder/Billy Goelz, Sheboygan, WI (Auditorium Armory)_____Lost 1-2

04-19  Bill Melby © for World Jr. Hvwt. Title, Watertown, WI (Turner Hall)____________________Lost 1-2

04-23  8-Man Battle Royal, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)___________________________________Unknown

04-26  Jerry Christy, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)__________________________________Won

04-27  Bill Melby (Penalty Belt Match for Midwest Title), Milwaukee (Auditorium)______________Lost

05-02  Jerry Gordet, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won-default

05-03  w/Reggie and Stan Lisowski vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff/Hans Schmidt, Ft. Wayne (Colis.)__Unknown

05-07  Verne Gagne, Hammond, IN____________________________________________________Unknown

05-09  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Carl Engstrom/Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________Lost 1-2 - dq

05-15  Billy Goelz, Racine, WI (Memorial Hall)___________________________________________Lost 1-2 – dq

05-16  Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Lost 0-2

05-17  Bill Melby, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)____________________________________Won

05-18  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Oshkosh, WI (Merrill School Gym)_________Unknown

05-21  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______________Unknown

05-22  w/Gino Angelo vs. Billy Goelz/Pedro Godoy, Madison (Breese-Stevens Field)_____________Lost

05-23  Wilbur Snyder for US TV Title, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________Won 2-1

           (Poffo didn’t get title because manager Bronko Lubich interfered)

05-25  Bill Melby (Midwest Champ), non-title match, Milwaukee (Arena)_______________________Won

05-30  Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________________________________Won

06-01  Billy Goelz, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_____________________________________________Won

06-04  w/Boris and Nicoli Volkoff vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski/Hans Schmidt, Hammond, IN (CC)__Unknown

06-05  Wilbur Snyder for US Title, Fond du Lac, WI (Cow Palace)____________________________Draw – both KOed

06-06  Jerry Gordet, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Won

06-12  Dick the Bruiser, Madiosn, WI (Breese-Stevens Field)_________________________________Lost 1-2

06-13  Bill Melby, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________Won 2-1

06-14  Larry Moquin, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)__________________________________Won

06-15  8-Man Battle Royal, Oshkosh (Merrill Gym)_________________________________________Unknown

06-19  w/The Sheik of Araby/Bronko Lubich vs. Wilbur Snyder/Bill Melby/Billy Goelz, Racine (MH)_Lost 1-2

06-21  Larry Chene, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)__________________________________________Unknown

06-22  Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (Arena)________________________________________________Lost 1-2

06-23  Verne Gagne, Mukwonago, WI___________________________________________________Unknown

06-27  Nicoli Volkoff, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________________________________________No Contest

06-29  Jack Wilson, Chicago (Marigold Arena)____________________________________________Won

06-30  Jack Allen, Ixonia, WI (Firemen’s Park)____________________________________________Unknown

07-04  Dick the Bruiser, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Lost

07-05  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz/Bill Melby, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)________________Unknown

07-06  Hans Schmidt, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________Lost

07-19  w/Fred Blassie vs. Mike Clancy/Oni Wiki Wiki, Atlanta, GA____________________________Won

08-24  Pedro Godoy, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_____________________________________________Won

08-29  Luis Martinez, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Lost – dq

09-03  Pedro Godoy, Minneapolis_______________________________________________________Won

09-04  Larry Chene, Madison, WI (Breese-Stevens Field)____________________________________Lost

09-10  Verne Gagne, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_________________________________________Unknown

09-11  Larry Chene for Midwest Title, Fond du Lac, WI (Cow Palace)__________________________Lost 1-2

09-12  Hans Schmidt, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Won - dq

09-13  Pedro Godoy, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________________________________Draw

09-17  Larry Dean, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)___________________________________________Unknown

09-18  Verne Gagne, St. Charles, IL______________________________________________________Lost

09-19  Larry Chene, Milwaukee (SSA)___________________________________________________Lost – dq

09-21  Pat O’Connor, Milwaukee (Arena)_________________________________________________Lost

10-02  Don Leo Jonathan, Madison, WI (DCFA)___________________________________________Won 2-1 CNC

10-04  Buddy Mack, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________________________________Won

10-08  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Don Leo Jonathan (handicap), Hammond, IN (Civic Center)___________Unknown

10-15  Buddy Hack, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)__________________________________________Unknown

10-16  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Don Leo Jonathan (handicap), Madison, WI (DCFA)_________________Lost 0-2 - dq

10-17  Billy Two Rivers, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Double Disq.

10-22  Wilbur Snyder, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_________________________________________Unknown

10-26  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (Arena)_________________Lost

10-30  Billy Goelz, Madison, WI (DCFA) – also in 6-Man Battle Royal_________________________Lost – dq

11-01  Dick the Bruiser, Watertown, WI (Turner Hall)_______________________________________Lost 1-2 – COR

11-02  Joe Smith, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________________________________________Won

11-05  w/Don Leo Jonathan vs. Wilbur Snyder/Billy Two Rivers, Beloit (Armory)_________________Unknown

11-07  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________Lost - dq

11-08  w/Gino Angelo vs. Carl Engstrom/Tony Sillipini, Racine, WI (Memorial Hall)______________W-COR

11-09  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder/Bobby Managoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)__________Won

11-11  Verne Gagne, Omaha TV_________________________________________________________Lost

11-13  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz/Bobby Managoff, Madison (DCFA)_____________________Lost

11-14  w/Don Leo Jonathan vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Sheboygan (Auditorium Armory)________Lost 1-2

11-15  Don Leo Jonathan, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______________________________Lost

11-19  w/Don DeCortez vs. Pedro and Alberto Godoy, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_______________Unknown

11-21  Nicoli Volkoff, Dubuque, IA (Melody Mill)__________________________________________Unknown

11-23  Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________Lost

11-25  Bobby Managoff, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_______________________________________Unknown

11-26  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Don Leo Jonathan (handicap), Beloit (Armory)______________________Unknown

               11-28  Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________Lost 1-2

               12-02  Carl Engstrom, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_________________________________________Unknown

12-12  w/The Sheik of Araby vs. Tony Sillipini/Billy Two Rivers, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________Lost

12-14  Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (Auditorium)__________________________________________Lost – dq

12-21  Bobby Managoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________________________________Draw

12-23  w/The Sheik vs. Bobby Managoff/Alberto Godoy, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_____________Unknown

12-26  Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________Won 2-1

12-27  6-Man Battle Royal w/Snyder,Goelz,Lubich,Allen,A.Godoy,Ivan the Terrible, Racine (MH)___Unknown

12-30  8-Man Battle Royal w/Terrible,Martinez,A.Godoy,G.Joe,Wilson,Konovsky,Engstrom, Hammond_Unknown


                                                                                 111 matches (539)




01-02      Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________                   No Contest

01-09   Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________                    Lost –disq.

01-10       Bobby Managoff, Watertown (Turner Hall)_______________________________________ Won 2-0*

01-13   Alberto Godoy, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_____________________________________                    Unknown

01-20   Carl Engstrom, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_____________________________________                   Unknown

01-22       Billy Goelz, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)________________________________________ Won 2/3

01-25   Don Leo Jonathan, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_____________________________________ Lost

02-07       Bobby Managoff, Watertown (Turner Hall)_______________________________________ Won 2/3*

02-12      Wilbur Snyder, Watertown (Turner Hall)_________________________________________ Draw*

(Also in 6-Man Battle Royal with boxing gloves and blindfolds)

02-13   Jack Allen, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________   Won

02-19       w/Ivan the Terrible vs. Reggie and Stan Lisowski, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)__________ Draw

02-20       Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________________________________________                Won 2/3

02-27      Alberto Godoy, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________________________________________ Unknown

03-01   Edouard Carpentier for NWA Title (Loser rides donkey), Milwaukee (Auditorium)________                     Lost

03-05       w/Ivan the Terrible vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)___________                   Lost 2/3

03-07   Ivan the Terrible, Chicago (Int. Amp)____________________________________________  Won

03-08  Verne Gagne, Moline, IL_______________________________________________________                Lost

03-13   Cowboy Carlson, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________                Won

03-14   Cowboy Carlson, Beloit (Armory)_______________________________________________ Won 2/3

03-19      Alberto Godoy, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)______________________________________               Won

03-20      Edouard Carpentier for NWA World’s Title, Racine (Memorial Hall)____________________  Lost 2/3

03-21      w/Bronco Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________                     Lost

03-27       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Cowboy Carlson, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________                    Won

04-03       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Carl Engstrom and Jack Wilson, Milwaukee (SSA)_________________ Won

04-08   Billy Goelz © for Midwest Title, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)_________________________                    Unknown

04-11   Bobby Managoff, Chicago (Int. Amp)_____________________________________________                Draw

04-16       Bob Konovsky, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)______________________________________               Won 2/3

04-17       Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)__________________________________________________ Won 2/3 - dq

04-18       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________                     Unknown

04-22   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Bobby Managoff, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______                      Unknown

04-26   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_________                        Won

04-30       w/Bronco Lubich and Gypsy Joe vs. Billy Goelz, Bob Konovsky and Farmer Jackie

Nichols, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)____________________________________________              Lost

               05-01  Verne Gagne, Cincinatti, OH____________________________________________________ Lost

05-02   w/Hans Schmidt vs. Pat O’Connor and Bob Konovsky, Chicago (Int. Amp)_______________  Lost

05-03       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________                     Lost

05-16  Ray Gunkel, Atlanta, GA_______________________________________________________                Lost

05-23  Edouard Carpentier, Rockford, IL________________________________________________                Unknown

05-24   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (Arena)______________                     Won

05-28       Billy Goelz, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)_________________________________________               Lost – disq.*

05-30   w/Bronko Lubich vs. Verne Gagne/Wilbur Snyder, Cincinnati_________________________   Draw

06-01       Billy Goelz, Chicago (Marigold Arena)___________________________________________ Won

06-04   Wilbur Snyder for Midwest Title, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)______________________                    Unknown

06-05       Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (SSA)_____________________________________________ Draw

06-06       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Carl Engstrom and Don Marlin, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)_______                      Unknown

06-12   Dick the Bruiser, Milwaukee (SSA)______________________________________________ Lost

06-13   Dick the Bruiser, Wautoma, WI (Wautoma H.S. Gym)_______________________________  Unknown

06-14       Bobby Managoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________________________________               Lost

06-20   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff ©, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)_______ ___                         Unknown

06-21   Farmer Don Marlin, Milwaukee (Arena)__________________________________________ Won

06-25       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Billy Goelz and Don Marlin, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)__________                   Lost 2/3

06-27   Billy Goelz, Wautoma, WI (Wautoma H.S. Gym)___________________________________   Unknown

06-28       Verne Gagne, Kenosha (Simmons Field)__________________________________________              Unknown

07-12       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________                     Lost

07-16   Roy McClarity, Des Moines, IA (Pioneer Memorial Stadium)_________________________                    Lost – 45 min.

07-18   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Farmer Humphrey, Elkhorn, WI (Stock Pavilion)__________________                    Unknown

07-19   Gorgeous George, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_______________________________________  Lost 2/3

08-01   w/Fred Blassie vs. Ray Gunkel/Don McIntyre, Atlanta, GA___________________________   Lost

08-02  Tarzan White, Rome, GA (Memorial Gym)___________________________________________            Lost (DQ)

08-09  Ray Gunkel, Rome, GA (Memorial Gym)_____________________________________________           Unknown

08-15   w/Fred Blassie vs. Ray Gunkel/Ronnie Etchison, Atlanta, GA_________________________   No Contest

09-12   w/Fred Blassie vs. Don and Jackie Fargo, Atlanta, GA_______________________________ Won

09-26   Freddie Blassie, Atlanta, GA___________________________________________________ No Contest

10-08       Legs Langevin, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)______________________________________              Won

10-09       w/Gypsy Joe vs. Jack Allen and Bobby Managoff, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________ Lost – disq.

10-15   Farmer Don Marlin, Benton Harbor, MI (Naval Armory)______________________________                Won 2/3

10-22   Wilbur Snyder, Benton Harbor, MI (Naval Armory)__________________________________                Won-COR

10-29       Yukon Eric, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)_________________________________________              Won 2/3

11-05       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Roy and Don McClarity, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)______________                Lost 2/3

11-06       Roy McClarity, Milwaukee (SSA)________________________________________________               Won 2/3

11-07       Bobby Managoff, Chicago (Int. Amp.)_____________________________________________             Draw

11-13   w/Bronco Lubich vs. Roy and Don McClarity, Milwaukee (SSA)_______________________   Lost – disq.

11-19       Don McClarity, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)______________________________________               Won 2/3

11-29   Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee (Arena)_______________________________________________               Won

12-03       Dick the Bruiser, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)_____________________________________              Lost 2/3

12-16   w/Hans Schmidt vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______________                    Unknown

12-17       w/Bronco Lubich vs. Johnny and Doug Gilbert, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena)_____________               Won 2/3

12-17      Wilbur Snyder, Madison (Fairgrounds Arena) (Poffo subbed for Bruiser)_________________               Lost 0-2


                                                       75 matches (614)



01-07  w/Gino Angelo vs. Billy Goelz/Carl Engstrom, Madison (Dane Co. Fairgrounds Arena)______  X

01-08  Kurt Steinke, Milwaukee (South Side Armory)_______________________________________               Draw

01-15  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________               Lost

02-04  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Roy and Don McClarity, Madison (Dane Co. Fairgrounds Arena)_______                cancelled; snow

02-14  Carl Engstrom, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_______________________________________________     Lost

03-13  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Jackie Fargo/Porforio Longoria, Chicago (Marigold Arena)_________________      Lost

05-06  Lou Eisenhart, Cincinnati (U.S. Title defense)________________________________________             Won

06-04  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________               Lost 2/3 – DQ

06-05  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Doug and Johnny Gilbert, Chicago (Marigold Arena)______________________      Lost

06-06  Johnny Weaver, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)______________________________________              Unknown

06-20  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Ray and Roy Shire, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)__________________                Unknown

07-03  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Ray Gunkel/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis_________________________ No Contest

08-01  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Verne Gagne/Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cincinatti, OH____________________   Lost

08-20  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee (SSA)____________________________________________________               Lost-DQ

11-21  Pat O’Connor, Cincinnati, OH_____________________________________________________            Lost

12-14  Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (Riverview Rink)__________________________________________              Unknown

12-17  Verne Gagne, Columbus, OH_____________________________________________________            Lost

12-18  w/Fred Blassie vs. Ray Gunkel/Dick Steinborn, Atlanta, GA_____________________________               Lost


                                                          18 results (632)



01-01  w/Eddie Graham vs. Don Curtis/Argentina Rocca, Miami, FL_______________________________        Lost

01-11  Verne Gagne, West Bend (McLane School)__________________________________________            Unknown

01-12  Verne Gagne, Waukesha (Stock Pavilion)___________________________________________             Lost

01-15  Wilbur Snyder, Detroit, MI (Olympia Auditorium)______________________________                             Lost

01-16     Don Lewin, Akron, OH__________________________________________________________            Won

01-23       Sid Youngelman, Akron, OH_____________________________________________________            Won

01-29  Bruno Sammartino, Chicago______________________________________________________            Lost

01-30  Argentina Rocca, Oshkosh (Merrill Gym)___________________________________________               Unknown

02-05     Sonny Rios, Akron, OH__________________________________________________________           Won   

02-08       Dick Beyer, Mansfield, OH_______________________________________________________           Draw

02-09       Don Eagle, Lorain, OH__________________________________________________________          No Contest

02-13      w/Waldo von Erich vs. Dick Beyer/Don Eagle, Akron, OH______________________________              Lost

02-14      Dick Beyer, Buffalo, NY_________________________________________________________            Unknown

02-16  Sandor Kovacs, Syracuse, NY______________________________________________________         Unknown

02-21       Ilio DiPaolo, Akron, OH (Ref: Lord Layton)__________________________________________            Lost-dq

02-23  Yukon Eric, Syracuse, NY (War Memorial)__________________________________________              Lost - dq

03-01   Dick Beyer, Syracuse, NY (War Memorial)__________________________________________             Lost

03-06  Yukon Eric, Canton, OH (Memorial Auditorium)______________________________________              Unknown

03-08  Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (Arena)__________________________________________________           Lost 2/3

03-12  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Yukon Eric/Lord Layton, Akron, OH______________________________                Lost

03-15  Bobo Brazil, Syracuse, NY (War Memorial)__________________________________________             Draw-30’

03-18  Dick Beyer, Canton, OH__________________________________________________________           Won   

03-19     w/Fritz von Erich vs. Chris and John Tolos, Akron, OH_________________________________             Lost   

03-20     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Chris and John Tolos, Mansfield, OH______________________________             Lost

03-22  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Fritz and Waldo von Erich, Lorain, OH_____________________________              Won

03-24  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Red Lyons/Dick Beyer, Cleveland, OH_________________________               Draw

03-28       w/Waldo von Erich vs. Chris and John Tolos (WTTC), Mansfield, OH_____________________            Lost

03-29       Fritz von Erich (German Death Match), Lorain, OH____________________________________          Lost

04-05   Dick Beyer, Syracuse, NY (War Memorial)__________________________________________

04-08   Dick Beyer, Alliance, OH________________________________________________________             Unknown

04-12   Yukon Eric, Syrcuse, NY (War Memorial)________________________________________                   Lost-dq 7:34

04-13  w/Fritz Von Erich vs. Dick Beyer/Yukon Eric, Rochester, NY____________________________               Won  

04-23     Billy Red Lyons, Akron, OH______________________________________________________             Draw

04-24     Danny O’Shocker, Mansfield, OH__________________________________________________           Won

04-26  Danny O’Shocker, Lorain, OH_____________________________________________________            Won

04-30  Dick Beyer, Philadelphia, PA______________________________________________________            Won

05-01  Don Eagle, Akron, OH___________________________________________________________           Draw   

05-07     w/Fritz von Erich vs. Ilio DiPaolo/Bobo Brazil (Ref: Yukon Eric), Akron, OH_______________ Lost

05-09  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Doc and Mike Gallagher, Mansfield, OH____________________________              Lost   

05-14     wBronko Lubich vs. Don Eagle/Billy Red Lyons, Akron, OH_____________________________              Lost

05-16  w/Bronko Luich/Bobo Brazil vs. Chris and John Tolos/Reggie Parks (Ref: Paul Orth), Mansfield_              Won

05-19  Dick Beyer, Cleveland, OH________________________________________________________           Draw

05-28     Billy Red Lyons, Akron, OH_______________________________________________________           Draw

05-31  Reggie Parks, Lorain, OH_________________________________________________________          Unknown   

06-05     Dick Beyer, Akron, OH___________________________________________________________          Unknown

06-07  w/Doc and Mike Gallagher vs. Don Eagle/Ilio DiPaolo/Billy Red Lyons, Lorain, OH__________ Won

06-13     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Hercules Romero Cortez (Handicap), Mansfield, OH__________________            Lost-dq

06-27  Dick Beyer, Aurora, OH__________________________________________________________           Unknown

06-28     Billy Red Lyons, Lorain, OH_______________________________________________________          Draw

07-09     Raul Romero, Milwaukee (Auditorium)______________________________________________           Lost

07-23  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Wilbur Snyder/Bobo Brazil, Milwaukee (Auditorium)__________________               Lost

07-26     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Red Lyons/Reggie Parks, Lorain, OH__________________________             Lost    

08-27  Jack Allen, Milwaukee (Auditorium)________________________________________________              Unknown

09-16     w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Verne Gagne/Bobo Brazil, Milwaukee (Arena)______________________            Lost-dq

09-17     Bobo Brazil, New Boston, OH (Steel Workers Union Hall)_______________________________            Unknown

09-26  Paul DeGalles, Charleston, WV (American Legion Armory)_________________________________      Unknown

11-05  Pepper Gomez, Milwaukee (Arena)__________________________________________________         Won-pin

11-16  Tito Carreon, Racine (Memorial Hall)________________________________________________          X

11-25     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Wilbur Snyder/Pepper Gomez, Milwaukee (Arena)_____________________          Lost

12-09     w/Dr. X (Bill Miller)/Bronko Lubich vs. V.Gagne/N.Bockwinkel/B.Brazil, Milw. (Arena)_______  Lost

12-26  Dick thr Bruiser, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_____________________________________________           Lost


                                                           57 matches (689)



01-12  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Red and Lou Bastien, Milwaukee (Auditorium)___________________     No Contest

04-19  Dick Raines, San Antonio, TX (Wrestlethon)_____________________________________     Won

05-11  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Pepper Gomez/Torbellino Blanco, Corpus Christi, TX (Town Hall)___       No Contest

05-18  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Pepper Gomez/Torbellino Blanco, Corpus Christi, TX (Town Hall)___       Unknown

06-08  Nick Bockwinkel, Galveston, TX (City Auditorium)__________________________________    No Contest

06-15  Nick Bockwinkel, Galveston, TX (City Auditorium)__________________________________    Lost

06-22  Dory Dixon, Galveston, TX (City Auditorium)______________________________________   Unknown

06-29  Pepper Gomez, Galveston, TX______________________________________________________        Lost

07-17  Crusher Lisowski, Dubuque, IA (Melody Mill)_________________________________________             Unknown

07-25  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert © for Midwest Title, Hammond (Civic Center)_  Unknown

07-29  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis/Joe Blanchard, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)________               Unknown

08-07  Argentina Rocca, Dubuque, IA (Melody Mill)__________________________________________           Unknown

08-19     Johnny Weaver, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_____________________________________________          Draw

08-21  Pepper Gomez © for Texas Championship, Houston, TX___________________________________     Unknown

09-02     Johnny Weaver, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_____________________________________________         Won

09-09  Wilbur Snyder, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)_________________________________________          Unknown

09-22  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Johnny and Sonny Weaver, Milwaukee (Arena)_______________________           Won

09-24     w/Bronko Lubich vs. Bobo Brazil/Bearcat Wright, Detroit (Cobo Arena)_____________________           Unknown

10-02  w/Gary Hart vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert, Dubuque, IA (Melody Mill)_____________________              Unknown

10-14     Cowboy Bob Ellis, Detroit (Cobo Arena)______________________________________________         Unknown

10-17  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Hercules Cortez/Emil Dupre, Indianapolis, IN____________________________     Lost

10-24  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Wilbur Snyder/Emil Dupre, Indianapolis, IN______________________________     Lost

11-04     Bobo Brazil, Milwaukee (Arena)_____________________________________________________        Draw

11-07  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Hercules Cortez/Emil Dupre, Indianapolis, IN____________________________     Draw

11-25  Johnny Weaver, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)__________________________________________              Unknown

11-25  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Danny O’Shocker/Emil Dupre, Indianapolis, IN___________________________     Won

11-28  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_______________________  Unknown

11-30  Bill Melby, Milwaukee (Arena)______________________________________________________          Lost

12-01     Wilbur Snyder, Detroit (Cobo Arena)_________________________________________________        Lost

12-05  w/Art and Stan Neilson vs. Johnny and Sonny Weaver/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_            Lost

12-12  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_______________________  Draw

12-14  Wilbur Snyder (2/3-45), Anderson, IN (New Armory)_____________________________________

12-26  Sonny Weaver, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)_____________________________________________         Draw

12-28  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Coliseum)___________________________________________            Lost

12-30  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Johnny and Sonny (Meyers) Weaver, Detroit (Cobo Arena)______________          Lost – dq


                                                                            22 matches (711)

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01-02  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Johnny and Sonny Weaver, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_____________________      Lost

01-09  Danny O’Shocker, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_____________________________________________     Won

01-13  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)____________________________        Lost

01-27  w/Bronko Lubich vs. Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)____________________________        Won

01-30  Hercules Cortez, Milwaukee (Arena)___________________________________________________     Won

02-06  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Johnny Barend/Magnificent Maurice, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)____________       Lost (DQ)

02-10  Chief White Owl, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)_____________________________________________       Lost (DQ)

02-13  Emil Dupre, Milwaukee (Arena)______________________________________________________       Won

02-22  Bill Melby, Indianapolis, IN (Coliseum)_________________________________________________       Draw

02-27  Sandy Scott, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)__________________________________________________    Draw

03-13  w/Don Leo Jonathan/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyer/Bobo Brazil/Yukon Eric, Milw. (Aud.)_______       Lost

03-15  w/Bill Melby vs. Art and Stan Neilson, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)_____________________________       Unknown

03-17  Leo Nomellini, San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace)_________________________________________       Unknown

04-04  Nicoli Volkoff, Madison, WI__________________________________________________________       Won

04-06  Tony LaBarbara, Neekosa, WI (Alexander High Gym)_____________________________________      Unknown

04-10  Billy Goelz for US Title (defense), Holland, MI (Civic Center.  A-500)_________________________        LOST TITLE

05-02  Slim Marlin, Madison, WI___________________________________________________________        Lost – dq

05-30  Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI_________________________________________________________      Lost

06-02  Seaman Art Thomas, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)______________________________________      Unknown

06-08  Billy Darnell, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______________________________________        Draw

06-13  Nicoli Volkoff, Madison, WI_________________________________________________________         Won

06-16  Bob Sabre, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)______________________________________________      Unknown

06-18  Argentina Rocca, Des Moines, IA (Veteran’s Memorial Coliseium)___________________________        Lost 2/3

06-23  Argentina Rocca, Milwaukee (County Stadium)__________________________________________       Lost

06-27  Gypsy Joe, Madison, WI____________________________________________________________       Won

06-29  Chuck Bruce, Twin Lakes, WI (Wonder Bar)____________________________________________       Unknown

06-30  Carl Engstrom, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)__________________________________________        Unknown

07-11  The Mongol, Madison, WI___________________________________________________________      Lost – dq

07-16  The Mongol, Des Moines, AI (Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum)______________________________          Lost

07-21  The Mongol, Milwaukee (County Stadium)_____________________________________________        Lost

07-25  w/Gypsy Joe vs. Paul Christy/George Kramer, Madison, WI________________________________        Won

08-03  Bobo Brazil, Antioch, IL____________________________________________________________        Unknown

08-08  Antonino Rocca, Madison, WI________________________________________________________      Lost

08-15  Jose Betancourt, Madison, WI________________________________________________________     Won

08-16  Killer Kowalski, Twin Lakes, WI (Wonder Bar)__________________________________________         Unknown

08-17  Billy Darnell, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______________________________________        Lost-dq

08-22  Billy Goelz for Midwest Title, Madison, WI_____________________________________________          Won

08-27  Billy Goelz, Des Moines, IA (Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum)_______________________________           Won-DQ

09-??  The Bavarian Boy, Watertown, WI_____________________________________________________     Unknown

09-05  Johnny Gilbert, Madison, WI_________________________________________________________      Won

09-12  w/Gary Hart vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert, Madison, WI__________________________________          Lost

09-17  The Mongol, Des Moines, IA (Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum)_________________________________    Lost-DQ

11-22  George Scott, Indianapolis, IN (Coliseum)_______________________________________________     Lost


                                                                  42 results (753)



01-12  Dick the Bruiser, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)_____________________________________________        Lost

01-27  Young Rudy Kay, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)____________________________________________        Lost

02-02  Argentina Rocca, Indianapolis, IN (Coliseum)_________________________________________            Unknown

02-16  Chief Kit Fox, Cincinnati, OH_______________________________________________________          Unknown

03-16  The Sheik, Cincinnati, OH__________________________________________________________        Lost

03-28  w/Dick Wilkinson vs. Carl Engstrom/Johnny LaRue, Milwaukee____________________________           Won

04-02  Mark Lewin, Indianapolis, IN (Armory) Second round of tournament; first round bye_____________       Won

            Also vs. Emile Dupree in semi-final of tournament________________________________________      Lost

04-04  Carl Engstrom, Milwaukee__________________________________________________________       No Contest

04-11  w/Dick Wilkinson vs. Carl Engstrom/Armando Rodriguez, Milwaukee_______________________            No Contest

04-19  Bob Nandor, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_________________________________________________        Draw

04-23  Emil Dupre, Indianapolis, IN _________________________________________________________      Lost

04-25  Johnny LaRue, Milwaukee___________________________________________________________     Won

05-11  Jack Wilson, Milwaukee (Auditorium)__________________________________________________       Draw

06-13  Czaya “Bob” Nandor, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)__________________________________________      Unknown

06-25  Guy Mitchell, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________      Won

07-02  Saul Von Brauner, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_____________________________________________     Unknown

07-09  Guy Mitchell, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________      Won

                07-10  Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI (Breese Stevens Field)_______________________________     ______    Won, 2-1

07-16  Joe Blanchard, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_______________________________________________      Lost (DQ)

07-23  Dennis Hall, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)__________________________________________________     Won

07-26  Billy Goelz, Milwaukee_____________________________________________________________        Draw

07-28  Doug Gilbert, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________     Lost

08-20  Dory Funk, Jr., Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_______________________________________________      Lost

08-23  Ray Gordon, St. Louis______________________________________________________________      Draw

09-03  Bob Stanlee, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________      Won

09-20  Karl Gotch, St. Louis_______________________________________________________________      Lost

09-26  w/Gary Hart vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert, Milwaukee___________________________________           Lost

10-09  Black Bart, Madison, WI (Dane Co. Fairgrounds Arena)____________________________________     Won, 2-1 (COR)

10-11  Maurice LaPointe, St. Louis__________________________________________________________     Draw

10-22  Doug Gilbert, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________     Won

10-25  Joe Tangaro, St. Louis______________________________________________________________     Draw

10-30  Black Bart, Madison, WI (Dane Co. Fairgrounds Arena)____________________________________     Won

11-02  Carl Engstrom, Sheboygan Falls, WI (Municipal Building)_________________________________         Unknown

11-07  Bob Kappel, Milwaukee_____________________________________________________________      Won

11-08  Ronnie Etchison, St. Louis___________________________________________________________     Draw

11-13  Larry Chene © for US Title, Madison, WI (Dane Co. Fairgrounds Arena)______________________      X

11-28  w/Black Bart vs. Carl Engstrom/Armando Rodriguez, Milwaukee____________________________        Unknown

11-30  Guy Mitchell, Terre Haute, IN________________________________________________________      Unknown

12-06  Reggie Parks, St. Louis______________________________________________________________    Draw

12-10  Bobby Managoff, Rockford, IL_______________________________________________________       Unknown

12-17  Mighty Joe, Rockford, IL____________________________________________________________      Unknown

12-19  O.C. White, Milwaukee_____________________________________________________________       Lost

12-28  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert for vacant MWTTC, Madison, WI______________              Lost – dq


                                                            41 matches (794)



01-01  Roger Kirby, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________________________      Unknown

01-07  Bobby Managoff, Rockford, IL_______________________________________________________       Lost

01-14  Jose Betancourt, Rockford, IL________________________________________________________      Won

01-21  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Santiago Acosta/Jose Betencourt, Rockford, IL_________________________           No Contest

01-22  w/Nicoli Volkoff/Jack Wilson vs. Billy Goelz/Johnny Gilbert/Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI_______                Lost

01-25  Black Bart, Zion, IL (Zion-Benton H.S. Gym)___________________________________________         Unknown

01-28  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Bobby Managoff/Billy Goelz, Rockford, IL____________________________              Lost

02-04  Bobby Managoff, Rockford, IL_______________________________________________________       Lost-DQ

02-05  Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI_________________________________________________________      Lost-DQ

02-11  w/Calvin Pullin  vs. The Lawman, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_________________________________      Draw

02-18  w/Moose Cholak/Bill Miller vs. George & Sandy Scott/The Lawman, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)______      Lost

           Also vs. Sandy Scott________________________________________________________________     Won

02-23  Wilbur Snyder, St. Paul, MN_________________________________________________________      Lost

02-25  George Scott, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)________________________________________________      Unknown

03-03  Moose Cholak, Indianapolis, IN (Armory)_______________________________________________      Lost (DQ)

03-21  The Mongol (Midwest Title defense), Zion, IL (Zion-Benton H.S. Gym)______________________          Unknown

04-17  Wilbur Snyder, St. Louis, MO (Kiel Auditorium)________________________________________            Unknown

04-18  Lorenzo Parente, Indianapolis, IN (South Side Armory)____________________________________      Unknown

04-22  Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI________________________________________________________        Unknown

04-25  Lorenzo Parente, Indianapolis (Soutside Armory)________________________________________       Lost-DQ

05-09  Joe Brunetti, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)___________________________________________       Draw-30:00

05-29  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Victory Field)_______________          Won-DQ

06-03  The Mongol, Madison, WI__________________________________________________________        Lost

06-17  Carl Engstrom, Madison, WI________________________________________________________        Won

06-19  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Joe Blanchard/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_____________          Won

06-26  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Joe Brunetti/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_______________          Won

06-29  Jack Allen, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)__________________________________________________       Draw

07-03  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dick the Bruiser/Joe Brunetti, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_____________           Won

07-10  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dick the Bruiser/Joe Brunetti, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_____________           No Contest

07-17  w/Leo Newman vs. Wilbur Snyder (Handicap Match), Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________         Won-23 min.

07-22  Jack Wilson, Madison, WI__________________________________________________________         Won

07-31  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)____________          WON TITLE

08-14  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Joe Brunetti/Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis, IN (South Side Armory)__________         Unknown

08-21  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Joe Brunetti/Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis, IN  (South Side Armory)__________        Won

08-22  Roger Kirby, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)________________________________________________        Lost

08-26  Carl Engstrom, Manitowoc, WI (County Fair Grandstand)__________________________________      Unknown

08-29  w/Nicoli Volkoff © vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________          DCOR

09-04  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder (Cage Match), Indianapolis (SA)_____________        LOST TITLE

09-05  Czaya Nandor, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)______________________________________________        Won

09-11  Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)________________________________________      Lost-DQ-8’

            also in 16-Man Battle Royal won by The Destroyer

09-12  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Roger Kirby/Dennis Hall, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________        Won**

09-14  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (South Side Armory)_________        Unknown

09-26  Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_______________________________________        Draw

10-02  w/Bob Geigel vs. Dory Sr. and Dory Jr. Funk, St. Louis___________________________________         Lost

10-03  w/Nicoli Volkoff © vs. Bobby Managoff/Bobby Hire, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)____________          Won-16 min.

10-17  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Wilbur Snyder/Pat O’Connor, Chicago (Int’l Amphitheatre)_________________         Draw

11-11  Wilbur Snyder, Madison, WI_________________________________________________________       Lost-DQ

11-14  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Bill Miller/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)___________________       Lost 2/3

11-20  Joe Tomasso, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________      Won

11-26  Guy Mitchell, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)___________________________________________       Won-14 min.

12-04  Roger Kirby, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________        Won

12-25  Luis Montero, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)___________________________________________      Draw – 20:00

**Poffo/Volkoff were world tag team title claimants.


                                                        52 results (846)



01-02  Prince Pullins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)_________________________________________         Won-13 min.

01-22  Joe Blanchard, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)_________________________________________        Won

02-02  Lupe Gonzales, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)________________________________________        Won-10 min.

02-23  Dick the Bruiser, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_______________________________________         cancelled

           (Bruiser was Koed by Johnny Valentine prior to the bout

02-23  Rip Collins and Chief Crazy Horse, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)________________________          Won

02-26  Prince Pullins, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)______________________________________________         Won

02-27  Prince Pullins, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________         Won

03-12  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)_____________________________________         Lost-2/3-18’

03-23  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder/Johnny Valentine, Louisville, KY_______________________           Won

03-27  Pat O’Connor, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost-DQ

03-30  Dennis Hall, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________________________________________          Won-12 min.

04-06  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder/Johnny Valentine, Louisville, KY_______________________           Won

04-??  Bobby Managoff, Plattville, WI______________________________________________________          Unknown

04-10  Joe Blanchard, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)_____________________________________         Lost-12 min.

04-20  w/Nicoli Volkoff vs. Dennis Hall/Roger Kirby, Louisville, KY________________________________          Lost

04-30  Rocky Montero, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)_____________________________________       Won-17 min.

05-01  Prince Pullins, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________         Won

05-04  Dennis Hall, Louisville, KY__________________________________________________________        Won

05-15  Joe Brunetti, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)___________________________________________       Won-2/3

05-22  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Wilbur Snyder/Pat O’Connor, Detroit, MI (Olympia Stadium)______________        Won

                05-25  Joe Blanchard, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________       Won

05-28  Guy Mitchell, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)__________________________________________         Won

06-04  Guy Mitchell, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________________________________________         Won-2/3-15’

06-09  Billy Goelz, Madison, WI___________________________________________________________         Won

06-11  Prince Pullins, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_________________________________________         Won-2/3-13’

06-18  Pat O’Connor, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)_________________________________________        Won

06-25  Rocky Montero, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)________________________________________        Won-2/3-14’

07-02  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Southside Armory)______________________________________        Unknown

07-17  Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis (Victory Field)___________________________________________         Draw-20:00

07-21  Billy Goelz, Madison, WI___________________________________________________________         Draw

08-06  Dennis Dolly, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________________________________________        Draw-15:00

08-13  Dennis Dolly, Indianapolis (Southside Armory)__________________________________________        Won-11 min.

08-18  Billy Goelz, Madison, WI (Midwest Title defense)________________________________________         LOST TITLE

08-21  Moose Cholak, Indianapolis (Victory Field)_____________________________________________        Lost-7 min.

08-28  Dick the Bruiser, Allentown, Ohio (Allentown Speedway)__________________________________        Unknown

09-11  Roger Dolly, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)___________________________________________        Won-18 min.

09-18  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. The Assassins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)_______________________         Lost

09-24  w/Pat O’Connor vs. Dick the Bruiser (Handicap Match), St. Louis___________________________         Lost

09-25  w/Wilbur Snyder vs. The Assassins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)________________________         Lost-24 min.

10-02  Bobby Managoff, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)____________________________________       Draw

11-09  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. The Assassins, Louisville, KY_____________________________________          Lost

10-16  Prince Pullins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)__________________________________________       Won-14 min.

10-30  Moose Cholak, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)______________________________________       Won

11-06  Bob Geigel, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________________       Won

11-09  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. The Assassins, Louisville, KY_____________________________________          Lost

11-10  w/Trish the Blooper vs. The Assassins, Ft. Wayne, IN____________________________________         Lost

11-11  w/Wilbur Snyder vs. The Assassins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)________________________         Lost-2/3-31’

11-16  Johnny Long, Louisville, KY_________________________________________________________        Lost

11-18  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. The Assassins, Ft. Wayne, IN______________________________________       Lost

12-10  w/Wilbur Snyder/Moose Cholak vs. The Assassins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)____________          Won

12-11  Golden Moose Cholak, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______________________________       Draw

12-25  Sweet Daddy Long, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)___________________________________     Draw-20’


                                                         48 results (894)



01-15  Mad Dog Vachon, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)___________________________________        Lost-9 min.

01-22  w/Bobby Managoff vs. Larry Hennig/Harley Race, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)__________       Lost

01-29  w/Dick the Bruiser vs. Boris and Nicoli Volkoff, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)________________         Lost-5 min.

02-01  Tomayo Soto, Louisville, KY________________________________________________________         Unknown

02-19  Prince Pullins, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)______________________________________        Won-14 min.

02-24  Juan Zendejas, Green Bay (Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena)_______________________        Unknown

02-26  Santiago Acosta, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________________________________        Draw

03-03  Bobo Brazil, Madison, WI__________________________________________________________         Lost

03-18  Tyaka Soto, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)________________________________________       Won-14 min.

03-25  Steve Stanlee, Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)______________________________________________      Unknown

03-26  Pat O’Connor, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

04-12  Bobby Managoff ©for Midwest Title, Sheboygan (Armory)_________________________________        Won-DQ

04-16  Joe Blanchard, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________       Won

04-23  w/Cowboy Bob Ellis vs The Assassins, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)__________________          Lost-2/3-21’

04-24  w/Freddy Rogers vs. Billy Goelz and Johnny Gilbert, Green Bay (Brown Co. Vet. Mem. Arena)____        Unknown

04-26  w/Jack Wilson vs. Bobby Managoff/Armando Rodriguez, Sheboygan, WI (Armory)______________        Unknown

05-07  Prince Pullins, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)__________________________________________       Won-19 min.

05-26  Luis Martinez, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)__________________________________________       Lost

06-10  w/Freddy Rogers vs. Billy Goelz and Johnny Gilbert, Fond du Lac, WI (Fairgrounds)____________         Lost

06-16  Art Thomas, Madison, WI (Midwest Title defense)_______________________________________        Lost Title

06-17  Verne Gagne, Milwaukee (Auditorium)________________________________________________        Lost

06-25  Luis Martinez, Indianapolis (Northside Armory)_________________________________________         Lost-14’

07-23  Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

07-29  Santiago Acosta, Milwaukee (Auditorium)______________________________________________        Won

09-??  w/Chris Markoff vs. Luis Martinez/Wilbur Snyder (Lafayette, IN)_____________________________       WON TITLE

           This may have been a phantom title change

09-16  Prince Pullins, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________         Won

10-08  w/Chris Markoff © vs. Luis Martinez/??????(Poss Snyder), Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)__          Won-2/3-21’


                                                           27 results (921)



02-02  w/Chris Markoff vs. Cowboy Jack Lanza/Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (Int. Amp.)_________________           Won

02-20  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (Int. Amp.)______________________          No Decision

05-05  w/Chris Markoff vs. Ernie Ladd/Earl Maynard, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________           Won-DQ

06-02  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________          Won

06-15  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser (WWA Title challenge), Indianapolis_________            Lost

06-23  w/Chris Markoff vs. Ernie Ladd/Earl Maynard, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)___________           Won

07-07  w/Chris Markoff vs. Rene Goulet/Cowboy Jack Lanza, Chicago (Int’l Amphitheatre)____________          Won

07-28  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (Internatinal Amphitheatre)_________          Won-DQ

08-11  w/Chris Markoff vs. Larry Hennig/Harley Race, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)__________           Won-DQ

09-02  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________          Lost

09-09  Bob Boyer, Indianapolis, IN________________________________________________________          Draw

09-16  Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost


                                                              11 results (932)



04-06  Michiaki Yoshimura, Tokyo, Japan__________________________________________________           Lost

04-07  Kim Ill, Nagaoka, Japan___________________________________________________________         Lost

06-15  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis (Bush Stadium)_____________________________________________      Lost

06-29  Igor Vodik, Chicago________________________________________________________________      Lost

07-27  Bob Boyer, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________     Won

08-10  Frankie Laine, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________________      Won

09-07  w/Chris Markoff vs. The Crusher/Dick the Bruiser, Chicago (Int. Amp.)_______________________        Lost

09-23  w/Black Jack Lanza vs. Pat O’Connor/Bobby Whittlock, St. Louis TV_________________________         Won

10-03  Billy Red Lyons, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_______________________________________________       Lost

10-07  w/Black Jack Lanza vs. Pat O’Connor/Edouard Carpentier, St. Louis TV_______________________      Lost

10-11  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (TV match)_____________________________________________       Lost

10-19  w/Bobby Heenan vs. Dick the Bruiser (handicap), Hammond (Civic Center)____________________      Unknown

11-16  Francisco Flores, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)__________________________________________       Unknown

12-02  Pat O’Connor, St. Louis TV__________________________________________________________      Lost

12-07  Luis Martinez, Hammond (Civic Center)________________________________________________      Unknown

12-28  Mike Bowyer, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______________________________________      Won


                                                              14 results (946)




01-10  Terry Martin, St. Louis, MO_________________________________________________________        Draw

02-07  Rudy Martin, St. Louis, MO_________________________________________________________        Lost-dq

03-07  w/Pat O’Connor vs. Dick the Bruiser/Ivan Koloff, St. Louis_________________________________         Lost

03-13  Al Schiller, Cleveland, OH__________________________________________________________        Won

03-25  Rene Goulet, Moline, IL____________________________________________________________       Lost

04-10  Hurricane Hunt, Cleveland, OH______________________________________________________       Won

04-11  w/Vic Rositanni vs. Luis Martinez/Rudy Martin, St. Louis__________________________________         Won

04-17  Joe Carr, Cleveland, OH____________________________________________________________      Won

04-25  Terry Martin, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________       Draw

04-26  Mike Bowyer, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_________________________________________________       Won

05-01  Li’l Abner Osborne, Cleveland, OH___________________________________________________        Won-dq

05-03  w/Tokyo Joe (Tomasso) vs. Mr. Kleen (Handicap Match)__________________________________       Lost

05-08  Walter Johnson, Cleveland, OH_______________________________________________________     Won

05-09  w/Dr. X/Larry Hennig vs. Wilbur Snyder/Billy Red Lyons/Red Bastien, Milw. (Auditorium)_________        Lost 1-2

05-15  Paul Christy, Cleveland, OH_________________________________________________________       Won-dq

05-17  Prince Pullins, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________________       Won

05-31  Pampero Firpo, Milwaukee (Auditorium)_______________________________________________       Lost

06-05  Johnny Powers, Cleveland, OH_______________________________________________________     Lost

06-10  Mr. Kleen, Hammond, IN___________________________________________________________       Draw

06-21  Luis Martinez, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________________       Won

06-30  Billy Red Lyons, Davenport__________________________________________________________      Unknown

07-05  Wilbur Snyder, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

07-15  George Gadaski, Davenport__________________________________________________________    Won

07-26  w/Steve Druk vs. Billy Red Lyons/Red Bastien, Minneapolis_______________________________          Lost

08-02  Cowboy Bill Watts, Milwaukee (Arena)________________________________________________        Lost

08-16  Prince Pullins, Angola, IN (Buck Lake Ranch)___________________________________________        Unknown

08-23  Luis Martinez, Milwaukee (Auditorium)________________________________________________        Draw

08-30  Pat O’Connor, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)______________________________________      Lost

09-06  Moose Cholak, St. Paul, MN_________________________________________________________      Lost

09-19  Luis Martinez, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________      Lost

09-27  Bruce Kirk, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________________        Won

10-03  w/Johnny Kace vs. Man Mountain Mike (Handicap Match), Milwaukee (Arena)________________          Lost

10-11  w/Bob Sabre vs. Man Mountain Mike (Handicap Match), Chicago (Int. Amphitheatre)___________         Lost

11-07  Dewey Robertson, St. Louis__________________________________________________________    Lost

11-15  Mr. Kleen, Elkhart, IN______________________________________________________________       Unknown

12-04  Bill Howard, Milwaukee (Eagles Club)_________________________________________________       Won

12-05  Jerry Monti, St. Louis_______________________________________________________________     Won

12-27  Luis Martinez, Elkhard, IN____________________________________________________________    Unknown


                                                       36 results (982)



01-17  Joe Tomasso, Indianapolis, IN_____________________________________________________           Won

01-31  Gino Brito, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)__________________________________________________       Draw

02-06  5-Man Battle Royal won by Bob Geigel, St. Louis________________________________________        Eliminated

02-14  Son of Ali Baba, Detroit (Cobo Arena)_________________________________________________       Won

02-20  w/Lars Anderson vs. Thor Hagen/Tommy Martin, St. Louis_________________________________      Won

02-27  Prince Pullins, Chicago (Aragon Ballroom)_____________________________________________        Won

03-07  Joe Blanchard, Indianapolis, IN______________________________________________________        Draw

03-08  w/Big Bad John vs. Ben Justice/The Stomper for WTTC, Marion, OH________________________        Unknown

03-20  Ronnie Etchison, St. Louis__________________________________________________________       Lost-dq

03-21  Wilbur Snyder, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)_______________________________________________       Lost

03-28  Paul Christy, Indianapolis, IN________________________________________________________       Draw

04-03  Dewey Robertson, St. Louis_________________________________________________________      Draw

04-05  6-Man Battle Royal with Lars Anderson, Jack Brisco, Wilbur Snyder, Black Jack Lanza and won

           by Wilbur Snyder, St. Louis TV______________________________________________________         Eliminated

04-16  Fred Curry, Cleveland, OH_________________________________________________________        Lost

04-18  Ernie Ladd, Indianapolis, IN________________________________________________________         Lost

05-02  Fernando Stampos, Indianapolis, IN_________________________________________________          Draw

05-07  Jack Pesek, Milwaukee (Arena)______________________________________________________       Won

05-08  w/Ricky Renaldo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Calvin Pullins, St. Louis_____________________________           Won

05-16  Bobo Brazil, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)_________________________________________________       Lost

05-25  Fred Curry, Lima, OH (Sports Haven)_________________________________________________       Unknown

06-08  The Stomper, Lima, OH (Sports Haven)  also in 9-Man Battle Royal for $5,000________________         Unknown

06-12  Calvin Pullins, St. Louis____________________________________________________________        Draw

06-13  Pat O’Connor, Owensville, MO______________________________________________________         Lost-DQ

06-16  Black Jack Lanza, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)__________________________________         Lost

06-25  Tim Brooks, Toledo, OH (Sports Arena)________________________________________________      Won

06-26  Danny Miller, Indianapolis, IN (Bush Stadium)__________________________________________         Lost

07-11  Igor, Milwaukee (Arena)____________________________________________________________      Lost

07-20  Dan Miller, Lima, OH (Sports Haven)________________________________________________          Unknown

08-01  Killer Kace, Indianapolis, IN (Bush Stadium)___________________________________________          Won

08-21  w/Moose Cholak vs. Guy Mitchell/Frankie Hart, St. Louis_________________________________          Won

08-22  Tom Lynch, Indianapolis, IN (Bush Stadium)___________________________________________         Draw

09-15  The Big K, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________________        Draw

09-17  Sonny King, Cleveland, OH (Arena)___________________________________________________      Lost

09-19  Bobby Heenan, Hammond, IN_______________________________________________________       Lost

10-02  w/Don Kent vs. Dory Funk Sr./Luis Martinez, St. Louis___________________________________          Lost

10-18  w/Benny Ramirez vs. Pat O’Connor/Rufus R. Jones, St. Louis TV___________________________        Lost

11-06  Luis Martinez, St. Louis____________________________________________________________        Won

11-14  Pepper Gomez, Milwaukee, Auditorium)_______________________________________________        Lost

11-20  Steve Bolus, St. Louis______________________________________________________________      Draw

11-22  6-Man Battle Royal with Bill Miller, Billy Spears, Bob Kappel, Hans Schmidt and won by

           Pat O’Connor, St. Louis TV__________________________________________________________      Eliminated

12-04  5-Man Battle Royal won by Jack Brisco, St. Louis________________________________________        Eliminated

12-26  Big Bob Windham, Milwaukee (Auditorium)____________________________________________         Won

                                                                   30 matches (1,012)

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01-11  Jess Ortega, Lima, OH (Sports Haven)_________________________________________________     Unknown

02-05  Pat O’Connor, St. Louis_____________________________________________________________     Lost

02-06  Irish Mickey Doyle, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena.  A-10,103)___________________________________       Draw

02-12  Moose Cholak, Muncie, IN__________________________________________________________       Unknown

02-19  w/John Tolos vs. Dory Funk Sr./Murray Cummings, St. Louis_______________________________       Won

02-20  Nicoli Volkoff, Hammond, IN_________________________________________________________      Won

02-27  w/Bill Miller vs. The Great Kusatsu/Mr. Chin, Kawasaki, Japan______________________________        Draw

           (Poffo wrestled under a mask as “The ?”)

02-28  w/Jack Claybourne vs. The Great Kusatsu/Mighty Inoue, Morioka, Japan______________________       Lost

03-02  Rusher Kimura (Cage Match), Tokyo, Japan_____________________________________________    Lost

           (“The ?”  was unmasked as Angelo Poffo)

03-19  w/Johnny Long vs. Luis Martinez/Greg Valentine, St. Louis_________________________________       Lost

03-20  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Lost

05-14  w/Don Fargo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Steve Bolus, St. Louis___________________________________      Lost

06-04  Bill Howard, Chicago (Internatinal Amphitheatre)_________________________________________      Won

06-26  Billy Robinson, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

07-10  Bill Howard, Milwaukee (Auditorium)__________________________________________________       Draw

09-24  Kenny Dillinger, Hammond, IN_______________________________________________________       Draw

10-01  The Professor (Doug Gilbert), Fort Wayne, IN___________________________________________      Lost

10-15  w/Bennie Ramirez vs. Ronnie Etchison/Steve Bolus, St. Louis_______________________________      Lost

10-23  Kenny Dillinger, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)______________________________________________      Draw

10-30  Kenny Jay, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________      Won

11-12  Wilbur Snyder, Milwaukee (Auditorium)________________________________________________       Lost

12-02  The Professor (Doug Gilbert), Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)_________________________________        Draw

12-04  Bob Kappel, Two Rivers, WI (Community House)_________________________________________     Won

12-10  The Professor, Detroit, MI (Olympia)___________________________________________________     Lost

12-27  Bill Miller, Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)__________________________________________________      Draw

           also first eliminated in 10-Man Battle Royal.

12-30  Paul Christy, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)________________________________________     Draw


                                                                    21 matches (1,032)



01-08  Frankie Adonis, Detroit (Olympia)____________________________________________________        Draw

01-13  w/Nicoli Volkoff/Bill Miller vs. Wilbur Snyder/The Professor/Moose Cholak, Ft. Wayne, IN (Colis.)__          Won

01-29  Freddie Rogers, Indianapolis (Fairgrounds Coliseum)_____________________________________      Won

02-12?Killer Cortez, Detroit (Olympia)_______________________________________________________      Draw

02-12  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (Internatinal Amphitheatre)_____________________________________        Lost

02-26  w/Ken Dillinger vs. The Professor/Moose Cholak, Detroit, MI (Olympia)______________________         Won

03-09  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Paul Christy, Fort Wayne, IN (Coliseum)____________________       Lost

03-11  Ricky Cortez, Hammond, IN_________________________________________________________      Draw

03-15  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Paul Christy, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_________________________       Won

03-17  w/Hans Schmidt vs. Terry Martin/Steve Bolus, St. Louis___________________________________        Won

03-25  Bob Sabre, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_________________________________________     Won

04-04  Paul Christy, Peoria, IL_____________________________________________________________      Draw

04-08  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Paul Christy/Billy Jack Mann, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_______________________          Won

04-18  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Paul Christy, Indianapolis, IN (Tyndall Armory)_________________        Draw

04-22  w/Ken Dillinger/Mark Manson vs. Billy Red Cloud/Paul Christy/Moose Cholak, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_       Won

04-23  Paul Christy, Sheboygan, WI (Auditorium)______________________________________________       Unknown

05-06  w/Ken Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Frankie Adonis, Detroit, MI (Olympia)______________________        Won

05-20  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Red Bastien/Cowboy Bill Watts, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_______        Lost

05-23  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Dick the Bruiser/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Tyndall Armory)__________         Lost (DQ)

06-02  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis, IN (Convention Center.  A-7,000)___       Won

06-10  John the Greek, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Won

06-16  Billy Jack Mann, Indianapolis, IN (Convention Center.  A-7,000)_____________________________       Won

06-17  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Art Thomas/Clem Turner, Detroit, MI (Olympia)_________________________      Won

07-08  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Prince Pullins, Chicago (Int. Amphitheatre)_______________         Won

07-11  Bull Bullinski, Davenport, IA_________________________________________________________        Lost

07-15  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Indianapolis (Convention Center)_______          Lost (COR)

07-16  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Art Thomas, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)___________________        No Contest

07-20  Ramon Torres, Sheboygan, WI (Municipal Auditorium)____________________________________       Lost

07-25  Don Muraco, Davenport, IA__________________________________________________________     Lost

07-29  Billy Red Cloud, Chicago (International Amphitheatre)_____________________________________      Lost

08-05  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Indianapolis (Convention Center. A-10,000)_     Won

08-11  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Gary, IN___________________________         Lost

08-13  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Billy Red Cloud/Bobby Bold Eagle, Detroit (Olympia Stadium)_____________         Lost

08-26  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Vic Rositanni, Indianapolis_____________________________         Won

09-01  Ramon Torres, Chicago (Soldiers Field)________________________________________________     Lost

09-09  w/Kenny Dillinger/Mark Manson vs. Art Thomas/Prince Pullins/Paul Christy, Detroit (Olympia)___             Lost

09-12  w/The Big K vs. Moose Cholak/Bull Bullinski, Davenport, IA______________________________            Lost

09-16  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Moose Cholak/Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis___________________________          Won

09-26  Angel Rivera, Peoria, IL____________________________________________________________       Won

10-06  Jim Alexi, Indianapolis_____________________________________________________________        Won

10-14  Tom Lynch, Hammond, IN__________________________________________________________       Lost

10-19  Prince Pullins, Ft. Wayne, IN (Coliseum)_______________________________________________       Lost

10-23  Wilbur Snyder, Indianapolis_________________________________________________________        Lost

10-28  w/Kenny Dillinger vs. Wilbur Snyder/Moose Cholak, Hammond, IN (Civic Center)______________          Lost


                                                                   30 matches (1,062)



07-06  Paul Christy © for World Title, Fond du Lac, WI (Village Park)________________________________    Unknown


                                                                    1 matches (1,063)



11-08  w/Gorgeous George II vs. Paul Christy/Leapin Lanny (Poffo), Chicago, IL (Thornridge H.S. Gym)___      Unknown

11-28  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Rick Hamilton/Jim Arnett, Cincinnati, OH (Gardens)________________________       Won

12-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Patriot/Igor, Lima, OH (Local 711 CIO Hall)___________________________      Won

12-20  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Bobo Brazil/Fred Curry for US Title (def), Mansfield, OH_____________________     Unknown


                                                                     3 matches (1,066)



02-08  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Fred Curry/Hank James, Detroit (Cobo Arena)____________________________      Draw

02-19  w/Lanny Poffo © vs. Fred Curry/Hank James for WTTC, Charleston, WV (Civic Center)__________       Unknown

02-25  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Lou Klein/Al Costello, Medina, OH (H.S. Gym)____________________________       Unknown

03-29  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Bolo and Geeto Mongol for NWA WTTC, Akron, OH (Armory)_______________        Double DQ

05-02  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Sailor Art Thomas, St. Louis_____________________________       Lost-dq

05-16  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Omar Atlas/Buddy King, St. Louis______________________________________       Lost

05-16  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Alaskans, Warren, OH (Warren G. Harding Field House)________________       ???

05-17  Jay York, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)____________________________________________________     Won

06-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ronnie Etchison/Ben Justice, St. Louis__________________________________       Lost

06-14  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Alo Leilani/El Bracero, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena)___________________________      Won

06-28  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Hank James/Mighty Igor, Detroit, MI (Cobo Arena. A-5,189)_________________       Lost

06-29  w/Lanny and Randy Poffo vs. Yukon John/Kurt Von Brauner, Saul Weingeroff, Akron, OH (Armory)__    Lost

08-22  Carlos Hernandez, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)_____________________________________     Won

09-05  w/Sonny Boy Hayes vs. Scott Casey/Cowboy Lang, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)___________      Lost

09-11  Mark Romero, Amarillo, TX (Sports Arena)_______________________________________________

10-09  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Scott Casey/Johnny Starr, Amarillo, TX_________________________________        Lost

10-10  w/Lanny Poffo vs. John Starr/Scott Casey, Lubbock, TX___________________________________       Lost-DQ

10-17  w/Sputnik Monroe vs. Ricky Romero/Scott Casey, Lubbock, TX_____________________________       Lost

10-29  w/Randy Taylor vs. Tony Atlas/Silver Streak, Abilene, TX (Taylor Co. Coliseum)________________

11-13  Juan Sebastian, Amarillo, TX_________________________________________________________     Won

11-14  Juan Sebastien, Lubbock, TX_________________________________________________________    Won

11-20  w/Lanny Poffo/Hank James vs. Ray Stevens/Ricky Romero/Scott Casey, Amarillo (Sports Arena)___      Draw

11-21  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Ricky Romero/Silver Streak, Lubbock, TX________________________________      Lost


                                                                   13 matches (1,079)



03-13  Gary Fulton, Akron, OH_____________________________________________________________     Draw

03-14  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Denny Alberts/John Boy Ruffin, Canton, OH_____________________________        Won

03-18  Chris Markoff, Toledo, OH___________________________________________________________     Lost

03-24  w/Lanny Poffo/Chris Colt vs. Gary Fulton/El Bracero/John Boy Ruffin, Canton, OH______________        Lost

03-25  Chris Markoff, Toledo, OH____________________________________________________________   Lost


               At this time Chris Colt and Lanny Poffo are World Tag Team Champions in Detroit and Angelo

              is their manager.                     


04-03  Rip Hawk, Detroit (Cobo Arena)_______________________________________________________    Lost

04-17  Rip Hawk, Detroit TV (Possibly 4-3 bout on tape)_________________________________________     Lost

07-10  Klondike Bill, Hampton, VA__________________________________________________________       Lost

07-29  Klondike Bill, Charleston, NC_________________________________________________________     Lost

12-25  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Matt Rivera/Roberto Soto, St. Petersburgh, FL__________________________   Lost

12-27  Roberto Soto, West Palm Beach, FL  (also in 18-Man Battle Royal)___________________________     Draw

12-28  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Matt Rivera/Roberto Soto, St. Petersburgh, FL__________________________   Lost

12-28  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Chief White Owl/Rick McGraw, Tampa, FL____________________________      Won

12-29  Rick McGraw, Miami, FL___________________________________________________________        Won or Draw


                                                                   14 matches (1,093)



01-12  Skip Young, Miama, FL_____________________________________________________________      Lost-DQ

01-15  Roberto Soto, Punta Gorda, FL_______________________________________________________     Lost

01-19  Skip Young, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Lost

01-25  Steve Keirn, Tampa TV_____________________________________________________________     Lost

02-02  Matt Rivera, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Won

02-05  Kevin Sullivan, St. Petersburg, FL_____________________________________________________      Lost

02-09  Steve Kiern, Miami, FL______________________________________________________________     Lost

02-26  w/Bob Orton Jr. vs. Steve Kiern/Tony Rocco, Miami, FL____________________________________     Lost

03-09  w/Mike Hammer vs. Tully Blanchard/Kevin Sullivan, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)__________        Lost

03-21  w/Hans Schroeder vs. Ernie Ladd (Handicap Match), Orlando, FL____________________________     Lost

03-31  The Assassin, Jacksonville, FL_______________________________________________________       Unknown

04-09  Phil Mercado, St. Petersburg, FL______________________________________________________     Lost

04-13  Phil Mercado, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)________________________________________       Draw

04-20  Tully Blanchard, Miami Beach, FL (Convention Hall)_______________________________________     Lost

05-04  Bob Ellis, Ft. Meyers, FL_____________________________________________________________    Lost

05-18  Tony Rocco, Miami Beach, FL_________________________________________________________   Lost

05-25  Raul Mata, Miami, FL________________________________________________________________   Lost

06-01  Wilhelm Ruska, Miami, FL____________________________________________________________    Lost

06-22  Raul Mata, Miami, FL________________________________________________________________   Lost

08-06  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Cowboy Frankie Laine/Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______    Lost

08-20  w/Lanny Poffo vs. The Samoans, Nashville, TN (TV taping)__________________________________Draw

08-21  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Lost

08-27  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Crazy Luke Graham/Ripper Collins, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_____     Draw

09-03  Danny Little Bear, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)__________________________________   Won

09-10  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Joey Rossi/Wayne Petty, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________      Won

09-24  Jerry Barber, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium.  A-5,000)______________________________   Won

10-01  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Tojo Yamamoto/George Gulas, Nashville, TN (TV taping)____________________     Lost (DQ)

10-02  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Butch Thornton/Big Red, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________   Draw

10-23  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Won

10-29  Joey Rossi (Angelo started against Rossi and Lanny finished) (TV taping)______________________     Lost

10-30  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_________________     Lost

11-05  w/Lanny Poffo/Gypsy Joe vs. Len and Joey Rossi/Bearcat Brown, Chattanooga, TN (Mem. Audit.)___    X

11-12  Angelo handcuffed to Frankie Laine for Gyspy Joe/Lanny Poffo vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattan.____ ---

12-10  Mr. America Don Ross, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________________________   Lost

12-17  w/Masked Dr. Death vs. Len and Joey Rossi, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________     Lost

12-31  Mike Jackson, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_____________________________________    Won

12-27  Roberto Soto, West Palm Beach, FL____________________________________________________   Draw

            also probably in Battle Royal

12-28  w/Hans Schroader vs. Chief White Owl/Rick McGraw, Tampa, FL_____________________________    Won

12-29  Rick McGraw, Miami, FL_____________________________________________________________    Draw


37 matches (1,130)



01-14  Mr. America Don Ross, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________________________     Lost

01-14  Tojo Yamamoto, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________   Lost

            also w/Masked Demon vs. Tojo Yamamoto/Tom Renesto Jr. _______________________________      Lost

01-28  w/Masked Blue Demon vs. Joey Ross/Bobby Eaton, location unknown (TV Taping)_______________    Lost

02-11  Mr. America Don Ross, Nashville, TN (TV taping)_________________________________________     Lost

04-16  Dutch Mantel, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)**__________________________________       Lost

04-22  Dutch Mantel, Chattanooga, TN (Live TV taping)**_________________________________________   Lost (DQ)

            The Carpetbagger was unmasked as Angelo Poffo

10-29  Arvil Hutto, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)________________________________________  Lost (DQ)

11-04  Burhead Jones, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________________________________   Won

11-11  w/Mexican Angel vs. Dutch Mantel/Jimmy Rougeau, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)_______    Unknown

11-25  Chief Thundercloud, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)________________________________   Lost

12-09  Walter Johnson, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)___________________________________    Unknown

            ** Angelo wrestled under a mask as “The Carpetbagger”


11 matches (1,141)



01-07  w/Don Bass vs. Tojo Yamamoto/The Beast, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)______________   Lost

02-03  Butch Thornton, Chattanooga, TN (Memorial Auditorium)____________________________________  Lost



02-08  w/Hustler Rip Rogers vs. Pez Whatley/Ric McCord, Paducah, KY***___________________________    Lost

            ***Angelo wrestled as “The Miser”


                                                                     2 matches (1,143)



02-04 Wayne Davis, Monticello, KY (National Guard Armory) as “The Miser”_______________________        Unknown



                02-21  Bill Martin for TV Title, Memphis, TN (Cook Co. Convention Center) as “The Miser”____________       Unknown

                03-04  Ronnie Garvin, Beckley, WV (A-1,472) Hair vs. Hair Match_________________________________       Unknown

                04-05  John Ruffen for TV Title, Maysville, KY (Maysville H.S. Gym) as “The Miser”__________________        Unknown

05-29  Frankie Adonis, Springfield, IL_______________________________________________________       Unknown

06-27  w/Walter Johnson vs. Hustler Rip Rogers/Bad Pistol Pez Whatley © for U.S. Title, Paducah, KY

            (Jaycee Civic Center)_______________________________________________________________    Unknown

10-31  Hustler Rip Rogers, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)____________________________________     Unknown

11-06  Ratamyus (Bill Howard), Springfield, IL__________________________________________________   Unknown

12-04  Tony Falk, Springfield, IL____________________________________________________________     Unknown


                                                                                6 matches (1,149)



01-01  Kabooki, Springfield, MO (A-1,000)____________________________________________________     Lost

01-06  Great Kabooki, Beckley, WV_________________________________________________________      Lost

02-??  Paul Christy, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)_________________________________________      Unknown

02-27  Mr. Wrestling, Paducah, KY (Jaycee Civic Center)________________________________________      Unknown


                                                                                4 matches (1,153)



01-01  w/Randy Savage vs. Dutch Mantell/Art Crews, Memphis, TN (Mid-South Coliseum)______________      Won (DQ)

           Also w/Randy Savage vs. Rock and Roll Express_________________________________________      Lost

02-14  w/Randy Savage/Jimmy Hart vs. Dutch Mantell/Bugsy McGraw, Memphis, TN (MSC)____________       Won (handicap)

02-19  w/Sabu vs. Harley Davidson/Dusty Rhodes, Memphis, TN (Mid-South Col.  A-5,100)_____________      Lost

03-05  w/Larry Higgins vs. Harley Davidson/Dusty Rhodes, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-3,700)______________      Lost

05-28  w/Randy Savage vs. Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-4,500)________________      Lost

09-17  w/Lanny Poffo vs. Mark Batten/Johnny Wilhoit, Memphis, TN (MSC.  A-6,900)__________________      Lost



                                                                      7 matches (1,160)

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 Posted: Wed Mar 2nd, 2011 04:27 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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Miser in his one week reign as ICW champion

june 3-june 10 1979

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 Posted: Wed Mar 2nd, 2011 04:35 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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1984 Joe Banek never wrestled a match for the ICW

always used as filler for ads

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 Posted: Wed Mar 2nd, 2011 04:38 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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More Miser

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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 02:05 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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looks like a double shot on this date as Lentz has match in bigger city also

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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 02:08 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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July 8 1974 for your viewing pleasure

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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 02:11 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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I have a ton of All South Gunkle cards 1974 with the Poffos . Let me know if you want to post them . Most all are Atlanta.

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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 02:14 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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In the beggining Lanny couldn't even afford wrestling boots

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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 06:22 pm
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More JWA results:

1968/04/10 Hachinohe, Aomori - City Gym
World League: Antotnio Inoki (8:51 abdominal stretch) Angelo Poffo

1968/05/07 Kumamoto
World League: Giant Baba def Angelo Poffo

1968/05/16 Osaka - Pref. Gym (7,300)
Akihisa Takachiho (6:06 pin) Angelo Poffo

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Hisaharu Tanabe
Japanese Pro-Wrestling
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 Posted: Fri Mar 4th, 2011 12:13 am
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Mr E Man Poffo


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Yackima Washington 1953

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 Posted: Fri Mar 4th, 2011 12:18 am
15th Post
Mr E Man Poffo


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September 15 1953

Yakima Washington Armory

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