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Food & Beverage review ~ Lunch At Starbucks  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Today we stop at the local Starbucks for lunch and can’t wait to get inside and see what all the commotion and popularity with Starbucks is all about.


Ok so we get inside the place and to be honest the menu at these places is a big cryptic. The menus here are pretty much just for show as you can order whatever the hell you want and they will fix it up. The sizes of the drinks at these places never cease to amaze ~ Tall – Grande – Venti. Whatever happened to Small – Medium – Large? Did that just go from English (Tall) to Spanish (Grande) to Italian (Venti) ? I think it did.


Today we will go with the tall sized café mocha, get a turkey & swiss sandwich and a “pumpkin and (cream) cheese” muffin.


“Your total is $11.13”


“You’re fucking kidding me”


Well they are not actually. $5.55 for the sandwich, $1.85 for the muffin and $3.10 for the mocha. Throw in 6% sales tax and there ya go.


The sandwich was fine, I mean fresh bread, swiss cheese. Iceberg lettuce and fresh turkey. They give you mayo and mustard on the side in packets but really the whole presentation looks too much “convenience store like” to justify the price tag on the sandwich.


The “pumpkin and cheese” muffin was quite good.  The “cheese” was “cream cheese” and it was all quite a different taste.


The café mocha was as good as it gets. Espresso roast, steamed milk, chocolate and topped with whipped cream. If you are watching your weight get the drink with skim milk and you won’t even be able to taste the difference. Skip the whipped cream but the skim milk froths up so much better anyway.


Is it really worth $3? Well as a former coffee-shop manager I can tell you the truth. Yes and no. There are different roasts and qualities of coffee beans. There IS a taste difference between the good quality and the poorer quality. But frankly you have to be a major coffee geek to discern the difference. An experienced coffee taster can tell but if you get a pot out of your coffee machine at home everyday and are happy with it than the $3 mocha won’t register for you.


They are also getting very gimmicky offering board games (“Cranium”), music CDs, buy a pound of coffee send it to the troops in Iraq, etc. Nice retail lineup perhaps not a bad place to Christmas shop – coffee and accessories aren’t the first thing you would think to give but it is very multi-purpose and a good thing to get when you are stumped.



Overall a thumbs down until lunch comes in under $10.

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 Posted: Tue Nov 6th, 2007 04:12 pm
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You must feel like Letterman when he switched to CBS.

"That's what a pre-med degree will get you kids, nearly correct spelling and pissing in a bowl on Skype"-SRossi on Sunny
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 Posted: Tue Nov 6th, 2007 08:42 pm
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Lunch > $10 bites.

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