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Ryback Thinks Disney Will Buy WWE  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sat Dec 14th, 2019 08:35 pm
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You know, this isn’t the worst prediction. Here are Ryback’s comments from a recent podcast:

“I think there’s something going on with Fox and Disney, and I think if they take over WWE at some point, which I firmly believe they will. 100%. That is my personal opinion. I don’t see Hunter sticking around like Vince. Just from stuff that I feel like I understand (and) what’s going on. Someone has to take it over and they’ve gotten so big, it’s going to take someone like that to run. Personally, they have dumbed down the product and made it very simple to run for a big corporation to takeover. Take out the psychology that made it and anyone can run it. Vince has already handed over to Fox on decisions, on SmackDown. It’s already going on. He’s never been like that before.”

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2019 02:33 pm
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Jason Presley

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After watching the recent episode of "The Toys That Made Us" about the Power Rangers, even if Disney did buy the WWE, they would likely turn around and sell it again within 18-24 months after having absolutely no idea what to do with it. This would just be Turner/WCW all over again.   

Disney took a billion dollar property in the Power Rangers and turned it into a million dollar property and ended up selling it right back to Saban for a fraction of what they paid for it. And he pumped it right back up.  I could see them doing that with WWE, and after failing miserably, selling it back to HHH/Stephanie for pennies on the dollar.

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