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This came into my regular email spam folder today.It’s not your usual spam. The link on this board works for a thread back in 2013.The guy apparently exists for real and the real faith website seems legit. I looked them up separately not in the included links in case it was malware or something else. The dudes email address appeared legit as opposed to the obvious spam email addys you’ll tend to get. I guess the point of it is to get me to their website to find jebus? I dunno. Anyways below is what was in the email. Curious if anyone else got it too.  *** HI - Can I Ask You A Quick Question?
Hi -
Alex here from FaithGiant.
I’m reaching out because of this piece here: 
We’ve just published a piece on Christmas that I thought might make an awesome additional resource to the article above. I was wondering if you would be interested in linking to our article?
We were careful to ensure that this piece was thoroughly researched and adds real value to the reader. 
I’ll let you be the judge though:
What do you think?
Kind regards,
Alex Shute


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Did not get that one. However, I got a rare spam email last week that slipped through that said someone had taken over my computer, hijacked my camera, and recorded me wanking it and was going to release the video to all of my contacts and ruin my life if I didn't go to the link and pay them money. I deleted it and went on with my life.

So with the Alex Shute website, at the very bottom there is some kind of disclaimer about him being an Amazon associate. What's that about? Is that the affiliate link program? My spidey sense is going off on that one, but I don't see him selling anything on the site. Very odd.

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