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Youtube, which, like all social media companies, is a glorious example of censorship gone wild, married to state-sanctioned propaganda, is run by Susan Wojcicki.  Watch Susan get awarded by the "Freedom Forum Institute" -- and what do you want to bet this bit of NGO make-work for cat ladies gets funding from Google? --  for her commitment to free expression.  Here's how they describe it,  The Free Expression Awards supports the educational work of the Freedom Forum Institute by recognizing individuals for their courageous acts of free and fearless expression.

In accepting the award, Susan brags about both the amount of video deletion she does and the amount of propaganda she promotes. It's so brazenly Orwellian that you have to laugh. The fun bit is that the video is being, as the cool kids say, "ratioed" to an astounding degree. With around 100K views, it currently has 116 thumbs up and over 30K thumbs down. Now you know why Google will soon remove this option from Youtube. To promote free expression, that is.


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Too bad Joe Frazier wasn't around to present it.

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That's 11 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I think I'll sue YouTube or maybe Beej for allowing this drivel to be posted here.

This Susan is like the moron who runs FB.  His censors ban people for sharing something they saw on FB.  Other than a small handful of people I people I talk to on FB that I know aren't nuts and the wrestling groups I check out any other time I spend on FB is to laugh privately at how many disturbed Karen's there are out there.

Have little use for any other social media other than news stations pervert the truth out of any story they cover. 

There is no such thing as "Freedom Of Expression" anymore.

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