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Speaking of record books....  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Nov 27th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Will someone ever reprint the issues of Burt Ray's fabulous Matmania bulletins from the '60s?

I pitched Scott Teal on this a few years ago. He seemed to be interested, but then he got busy doing books.

Tom Burke sells reprints on eBay sometimes. but that's a ripoff. I'm not going to bid competitively for something that can be photocopied innumerable times.

Burt Ray was one of the pioneers of compiling career records and a lot of them were published in Matmania.

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 Posted: Wed Nov 28th, 2007 05:48 am
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I think reprints of Mat Mania is a great idea. I know Scott Teal did that with Fall Guys.

With Jim Melby passing away, there's a void right now in the publishing of record books. Scott Teal occasionally pubishes something. Steve Yohe does as well. George Schire has talked about publishing a Baron Von Raschke record book. Mark James published an excellent Memphis record book. Robert VanKavelaar does Florida Mat Wars. Mark Eastridge has made a bunch of his research available on CD ROM. Ron Witmer basically gives me anything I want that he has researched. But like I said with Melby no longer around, there's a void that needs to be filled in the record book publishing industry.

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