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Opening day is this Sunday and we'll kick off as well with our first ever baseball trivia challenge.

From Sunday (4-5-09) through Saturday (4-11-09) we will post up 25 baseball trivia questions throughout the week. The questions will be spit out randomly throughout the week ~ some during the day, some at night and maybe even an overnighter or two.

First one with the correct answer scores 4 points, next person gets 3, next person gets 2 and the 4th person with the correct answer gets 1 point. Once you guess you have guessed so you can't come back and try again on the same question after guessing wrong.

Winner (most points after the 25 questions) wins a DVD selection but (haven't decided yet) but it will likely be either The History Of The NWA Title (6 DVD set that I have meticulously upgraded the quality on) or The PWI Match Of The Year Every Year (I forget what year I stopped adding to this thing though) ~ anyway the winner can choose which they want.

Good luck to all members!

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