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General Discussion > Now THIS Is What A Hero Looks Like (12 replies - 273 views)

Here's two interviews with the guy. He just seems so decent and unassuming. The newscaster who did the second interview shown will probably be cancelled ...   Thu Jul 21st, 2022 12:08 pm

General Discussion > MEGA MILLIONS $BILLION JACKPOT (34 replies - 1235 views)

When you get money like that it boggles my mind on how much of it will be stolen right out from under your nose. Let's ...   Thu Jul 21st, 2022 11:36 am

General Discussion > Now THIS Is What A Hero Looks Like (12 replies - 273 views)

It's out of control here because of videos like this. Bootlickers get all warm and toasty and will use this as definitive proof that it's "just ...   Thu Jul 21st, 2022 11:29 am

General Discussion > Now THIS Is What A Hero Looks Like (12 replies - 273 views)

A pizza delivery guy runs into a seriously burning house and rescues not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 but FIVE kids from the ...   Wed Jul 20th, 2022 09:15 pm

Sports Talk > Update on Steve McMichael (28 replies - 911 views)

Blazer wrote: My biggest Mongo memory, and this is about as niche as you could imagine, and I'm sure nobody here has ever seen it, ...   Wed Jul 20th, 2022 08:54 pm

General Discussion > Price Of Gas IN GAME Thread (210 replies - 38494 views)

Michael_Abrams wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: Benlen wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: $3.53 is the lowest I've seen it around here today.People in California would kill to have that ...   Wed Jul 20th, 2022 08:48 pm

Pro Wrestling > FLAIR'S LAST MATCH (212 replies - 8347 views)

Can't believe nobody posted this abortion yet. Parking lot brawl 2022. There's nothing that's going to make me want to watch a PPV more than ...   Tue Jul 19th, 2022 08:41 pm

General Discussion > Ricky Martin Investigated for Rape and Incest (4 replies - 198 views)

I hope this doesn't throw a tire iron into the Menudo reunion. ...   Sun Jul 17th, 2022 04:30 pm

General Discussion > Was January 6, 2021 a bad thing? (67 replies - 2660 views)

KGB wrote: And I can't imagine the naïveté required to think there weren't any agent provocateurs on the ground during January 6th.  Agree 110% ...   Fri Jul 15th, 2022 12:13 am

Pro Wrestling > The PG Era Is Over (14 replies - 544 views)

Bring back the blade. When done correctly there is nothing better at making heat. ...   Thu Jul 14th, 2022 08:35 pm

General Discussion > Was January 6, 2021 a bad thing? (67 replies - 2660 views)

KGB wrote More cop-sucking.   Meanwhile, over in Holland, farmers are up in arms over Globohomo's plans to shut down large swaths of agriculture as a sacrifice to ...   Thu Jul 14th, 2022 08:33 pm

General Discussion > Starbucks Closing 16 Stores Due To 'Challenging Incidents' (10 replies - 643 views)

TL/DR: Starbucks will be closing stores where it looks like a union will take hold. ...   Wed Jul 13th, 2022 12:58 pm

Pro Wrestling > Virgil in bad shape (12 replies - 941 views)

I certainly don't wish ill upon this man. But what did he have, at least two full years in WCW? With the insane contracts that ...   Tue Jul 12th, 2022 08:24 pm

The Clawmaster's Archives > Dick the Bruiser - my original research (58 replies - 23858 views)

Here's Richard's Southern California run with Lebell. February 26, 1964  -  Los Angeles, CA - Olympic Auditorium Television Tapings: Bruiser beat Don Savage Pepper Martin beat Matt Murphy Fabulous Kangaroos ...   Mon Jul 11th, 2022 01:27 pm

General Discussion > Shinzo Abe shot (6 replies - 283 views)

Will Inoki wrestle the guy who did it for his honor? ...   Sat Jul 9th, 2022 05:37 pm

Pro Wrestling > Which is worse - MLB, NFL, or WWE? (5 replies - 289 views)

WWE - Vince never bullied Don Leo Jonathan. Don Leo Jonathan wrestled Lou Thesz, that's why. MLB - I blame Branch Rickey. NFL - that was great ...   Sat Jul 9th, 2022 05:34 pm

General Discussion > Things I've learned from the Liberal Left (9 replies - 485 views)

srossi wrote: No matter what I think, say, or do, I most definitely am super racist.FINALLY, we know have it writing. Tread softly, next time, ...   Fri Jul 8th, 2022 12:24 am

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