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Pro Wrestling > Former WWE Star Retires (12 replies - 1228 views)

One Fan Gang wrote: So much for my dream of seeing one more comeback, this time doing a ninja gimmick as Ken Doane Agasaki.   Well ...   Thu Oct 7th, 2021 07:09 pm

Pro Wrestling > Older Managers Who Outlived Their Younger Protégés (44 replies - 3097 views)

Paul Ellering outlived: Road Warrior Hawk Buzz Sawyer Matt Borne King Kong Bundy ...   Wed Sep 9th, 2020 11:20 pm

General Discussion > Google Drive Help (3 replies - 408 views)

I think if you highlight all of the PDF file that are shared with you, and then click copy, it should generate copies onto your ...   Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 07:49 pm

Games & Contests > COVID19-CORONA VIRUS VACCINATION PICK EM POOL (13 replies - 950 views)

11/9/20 ...   Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 03:20 am

Pro Wrestling > What’s Your Favorite Thing in Wrestling Right Now? (15 replies - 1007 views)

I barely watch, but when I have, I wasn't subjected to any annoying chants or idiots attempting to hijack shows. ...   Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 03:08 am

Pro Wrestling > Gimme Your Mount Rushmore of Wrestling Feuds by Promotion (17 replies - 2226 views)

WWF Slaughter vs. Iron Sheik Bret vs. Austin Savage vs. Steamboat Hogan vs. Piper JCP Dusty vs. Four Horseman Flair vs. Windham Midnight Express vs. Fantastics Piper vs. Valentine WCW Flair vs. Terry Funk Flair vs. ...   Fri Jul 17th, 2020 10:37 pm

Pro Wrestling > What Is The Best Stipulation Match? (30 replies - 3077 views)

Texas Death Match ...   Mon Jul 6th, 2020 12:18 am

Pro Wrestling > Stiffest matches? (18 replies - 3115 views)

Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Sullivan ...   Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 05:38 pm

General Discussion > Gimme A Good 'Fictional Father' (14 replies - 1604 views)

Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) ...   Sat Jun 20th, 2020 04:57 pm

Pro Wrestling > Titanes En El Ring! (5 replies - 997 views)

You're welcome. Enjoy! ...   Mon Jan 27th, 2020 04:49 pm

Pro Wrestling > Titanes En El Ring! (5 replies - 997 views)

Titanes en el Ring movie and subtitles Titanes en el Ring themes ...   Mon Jan 27th, 2020 03:05 pm

General Discussion > NYPD Cop Murders Son After Custody Dispute (10 replies - 1440 views)

Most news stories don't tend to phase me, but horror stories like this one is truly sickening. Anyone that would deliberately harm a child deserves ...   Sat Jan 25th, 2020 03:56 am

Pro Wrestling > Fighting Spirit Magazine's top 50 Wrestlers in the World (6 replies - 964 views)

Household names. T-Hawk? I hated him in Super Street Fighter II. Who would spend their time and money to go watch any of these evil ...   Sat Jan 11th, 2020 12:25 pm

Pro Wrestling > Bruce Pritchard Story About Summer Slam '89 and Boobs (10 replies - 1314 views)

The Summer Slam sign falling on a startled Mean Gene causing him to exclaim "fuck it!" AND tits being shown on the same PPV? It's ...   Tue Jan 7th, 2020 07:37 pm

Sports Talk > NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND (25 replies - 3284 views)

I don't recall another Wildcard Weekend where both AFC games were played on Saturday and the NFC games on Sunday or vice versa. Is this ...   Sat Jan 4th, 2020 07:52 pm

Pro Wrestling > Wrestle Kingdom (6 replies - 817 views)

That's a good site too. You can watch Night 2 on live though, along with all of the other weeklies and PPVs from nearly ...   Sat Jan 4th, 2020 07:40 pm

Pro Wrestling > The Biggest Bust Of The Decade? (46 replies - 4981 views)

Brodus Clay (pre-Funkasaurus) ...   Sat Jan 4th, 2020 07:29 pm

Pro Wrestling > Wrestle Kingdom (6 replies - 817 views)

I barely watch any current stuff these days, but if you're interested in watching these shows and don't have a subcription to New Japan World, ...   Sat Jan 4th, 2020 07:23 pm

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